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“Towards Truth”

I am great-full to my good friend Christopher  M. Quigley for sending me this copy for his e-book ” Towards Truth ”  I consider this a must for all seekers !

“The symbol of the Unicorn: The physical world is an allegory of spiritual truth.”

Joining The Dots I have been counseling friend s and family for over two decades following personal search, self-training and private erudition and education. In general I believe over specialization is an error in this post-industrial world. In thought and in spirit we have become atomized. This fracturing of the individual is resulting in the disintegration of personality, mental health, personal effectiveness, happiness and social cohesion. Faulty understanding brings with it erroneous analysis. This leads to wrong conclusions and frustrated endeavor. We need to start “joining the dots” and thinking for ourselves. We need to stop being naive in our thoughts and actions. I recommend that you read comprehensively and transcend the “SUB-SET MODEL” we have been brainwashed into. Herein I have listed some books (with quotes and personal summaries and essays where possible) that have helped me to start to think for myself and pass through the veil that is contemporary “conditioning”. I hope it motivates to commence your own journey of self-realization and conscious growth leading to a new awareness and peace of mind.

Carl Gustav Jung Self-Knowledge: Expressed in the language of Hermetic philosophy, the ego-personality’s coming to terms with its own background, the shadow, corresponds to the union of spirit and soul in the Unio Mentalis, which is the first stage of the coniunctio. What I call coming to terms with the unconscious the alchemists called “meditation.” The Unio Mentalis, then, in psychological as well as in alchemical language, means knowledge of oneself. In contradistinction to the modern prejudice that selfknowledge is nothing but a knowledge of the ego, the alchemists regarded the self as a substance incommensurable with the ego, hidden in the body, and identical with the image of God.

What the alchemists sought, then, to help him out of his dilemma was a chemical operation which we would today describe as a symbol.

 Historical and scientific criteria do not lend themselves to recognition of mythological truth; it can be grasped only by the intuitions of faith or by psychology, and in the latter case although there may be insight it remains ineffective unless it is backed by experience.

Thus the modern man cannot even bring about the Unio Mantalis unless he learns to actually accept the fact of his dreams and fantasies and begins to engage with them. This is where insight, the Unio Mentalis, begins to become real. What you are now creating is the beginning of Individuation, whose immediate goal is the experience and production of the symbol of totality.

The Individuation process subordinates the many to the one. But the One is God, and that which corresponds to him in us is the Imagio Dei, the God image. The God-image expresses itself in the mandala.

The political and social isms of our day preach every conceivable ideal, but, under this mask, they pursue the goal of lowering the level of our culture by restricting or altogether inhibiting the possibilities of individual development. They do this partly by creating a chaos controlled by terrorism, a primitive state of affairs that affords only the barest necessities of life and surpasses in horror the worst times of the so-called Dark” Ages. It remains to be seen whether this experience of degradation and slavery will once more raise a cry for greater spiritual freedom. The problem cannot be solved collectively, because the masses are not changed unless the individual changes. At the same time, even the bestlooking solution cannot be forced upon him, since it is a good solution only when it is combined with a natural process of development. The bettering of a general ill begins with the individual, and only when he makes himself and not others responsible.

Individuation helps this process towards authenticity by balancing the unconscious and the conscious through the medium of the Self rather than the Ego. This involves allowing the matter of the unconscious to be absorbed by the Ego. This matter can be dreams, or fantasy or moods. Through this focusing on the unconscious the center of the personality shifts from an Ego basis to a Self basis. This allows for greater unity, balance, creativity, freedom, energy, courage and synergy.

Thoughts On Good And Evil: (Memories, Dreams, Reflections) Light is followed by shadow, the other side of the creator. This development reached its peak in the twentieth century. The Christian world is now truly confronted by the principle of evil, by naked injustice, tyranny, lies, slavery, and coercion of conscience. Evil has become a determinant reality. It can no longer be dismissed from the world by a circumlocution. We must learn how to handle it, since it is here to stay. How we can live with it without terrible consequences cannot for the present be conceived. In any case, we stand in need of a reorientation, a metanoia. Therefore, the individual who wishes to have an answer to the problem of evil, as it is posed to-day, has need, first and foremost, of self-knowledge, that is, the utmost possible knowledge of his own wholeness.

Our (Christian) myth has become mute, and gives no answers. The fault lies not in it as it is set down in the Scriptures, but solely in us, who have not developed it further, who, rather, have suppressed any such attempts.

The unavoidable internal contradictions in the image of a Creator-god can be reconciled in the unity and wholeness of a self as the coniunctio oppositorium of the alchemists or as a unio mystica. In the experience of the self it is no longer the opposites “God” and “man” that are reconciled, as it was before, but rather the opposite with-in the God-image itself. That is the meaning of divine service, or the service which man can render to God, that light may emerge from the darkness, that the Creator may become conscious of His creation, and man conscious of himself.

By virtue of his reflective faculties, man is raised out of the animal world, and by his mind he demonstrates that nature has put a high premium precisely upon the development of consciousness. Through consciousness he takes possession of nature by recognising the existence of the world and thus, as it were, confirming the Creator.

Meaninglessness inhibits fullness of life and is therefore equivalent to illness. Meaning makes a great many things endurable – perhaps everything………..

see full e book in PDF doc here eBook-Towards Truth – – and Here https://www.scribd.com/document/239407264/Free-eBook-Towards-Truth

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