What is truth?

sent in to us today :

Dear Minister Noonan,

I attach below an article which appeared in the Sunday Times Business section yesterday 21st August 2016. It outlines how Vulture Funds are receiving 58% discount on mortgage purchases while families are being refused such grace and favour.

I realize that your department is very busy and in no way do I mean to be personally disrespectful but is it not tragic that vulture funds are being granted discounts while families are not?

I understand that this is so because it is politically easy. However, allowing this to occur means that 50,000 families are now exposed to Vulture Fund harassment. Their tactics are rapacious, sometimes involving 10 -20 phone calls a week to family homes and business phone numbers. As a result families are being torn apart, folks’ physical and mental health is being destroyed, the demand for rental accommodation is increasing and in some cases suicide is ensuing.

Please sir I beg you to stop this policy in this state. Have your department, along with the Central Bank, draw up politically acceptable protocols which can “weed out” strategic defaulters from genuine financial hardship. It will not be easy but surely the end justifies the means and is fair and just and proper.

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