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Another poor homeless victim of our corrupt system found dead on our streets this morning… I haven’t heard anything on the news or radio yet?

I personally experienced what these poor souls go through on a daily basis last Sunday night.. I stayed the night outside the GPO in Solidarity with some of our homeless & volunteers and while it was absolutely freezing to me realistically temperature wise it wasn’t that cold.

I arrived as i was… no food or drink no sleeping bag no extra clothing and while i did sleep for about 2hrs at different intervals i will never forget counting those minutes on Clearys clock until i could get up and go home..

A blanket and a foil sheet was donated to me but i was lying on the freezing cold concrete.. and although there was 40 or so of us there with 2 guys from “You are not alone” and a Garda on the other side watching over us all night, after the friends that I was with left I will never forget the fear that came over me.. “I was alone in the middle of Dublin city” and while this wasn’t the case as there was loads of people I knew there but to get the full experience I had to stay away from them and on my own, whilst still within the group. Out of nowhere about 4am a friend of mine arrived, I was never so relieved to see someone in all my life.

I watched the coming and goings of the volunteers all night back and forward to get clothes, sleeping bags, food etc I listened to some of their horrific conversations and I saw most importantly the selfless work these people do and the joy they get from it.

I Also watched passer-bys pass us by, some nearly falling out onto the road to get as far away from us as they possibly could. I also saw others who emptied their last bit of change or there last few fags and hand them over to homeless people there.. some stopped for a chat and more info others hung around and lifted the atmosphere with a few songs before going on their way. I witnessed Supermacs on O’Connell st refuse a homeless woman the use of their toilet who was left with no option but to go down a laneway.

By 6:15 it was time to go as the road sweepers come and no one can by lying down where they need to clean.

I guess the point im trying to make is i was sore from the hard ground, tensing myself, the cold, the nervousness, i was tired i was hungry i was freezing…. but i was going HOME to my family, my heat, my comfy bed. These poor people experience this night in night out day in day out, up at 6am for another nightmare of a long day not knowing whats ahead of them. NO HOME to go to.

Its set to get colder this week. Please please please if you can.. stop by a homeless person on the streets and give what u can even if it’s just your time to pass their LONG day. Or donate to one of the many volunteering groups out there.. let it be food, clothes, Money, sleeping bags your help etc and believe it or not its still cold enough out there for hats and scarfs at night. Contact your local Says No/community group page and they will give you the name of a local homeless group or a list of them.




Clearely not all of the children of our nation are treated equeally !

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