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Yemen: The Forgotten War

‪#‎Yemen‬ RECOMMENDATIONS to the UNHRC 10/3/2015. Yemen: The Forgotten War.

Khiam Rehabilitation Center, Sheba Rights Coalition and and SALAM for Democracy and Human rights, call upon the UN Human Rights Council to take stronger action in response to widespread and grave violations of human rights and humanitarian law in Yemen.

We urge your delegation to ensure that, during this 31st session, the UN Human Rights Council adopts a resolution under agenda item 4 to:

1. Request the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to urgently dispatch independent investigation teams, with expertise in weapon of mass destruction. They should investigate crimes under international law and other widespread and serious violations and abuses of human rights in Yemen, and provide recommendations for accountability.
2. Refer the situation in Yemen to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Such a step would make clear to all sides that those who instigate, collude with or carry out war crimes & by default, crimes against Humanity, will be held accountable for their actions
3. Call upon the 118 nations that are part of the Convention on Cluster Munitions to take immediate action in accordance with the Article 21 of the Convention, to prevent any use of cluster munitions in Yemen or in any other nation.
4. Ensure the effective protection & sanctity of civilian lives. Acknowledge the multiple, extensive forms of Saudi coalition disproportionate aggression towards and deliberate victimization of the Yemeni people.
5. Allow access for an independent humanitarian assessment of besieged areas and communities;
6. Protect humanitarian workers, including medical personnel. Facilitate the rapid and unimpeded passage of relief supplies, and safeguard the sanctity of hospitals and all medical transport vehicles.

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