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The Australian government has warned its citizens about travelling to Ireland due to an increase in crime and a threat of civil unrest.

“Tensions between dissident republicans and unionists have increased in the lead-up to the centenary of the Easter Rising (24-29 April — Proclamation of Irish independence). You should avoid all protests and demonstrations, including those associated with Northern Ireland, as they may turn violent,” stated a government travel update released on April 11.

An increase in crime in Ireland was listed as another concern by the country’s Department of Foreign Affairs.

“Car theft and break-ins are increasing, especially in Dublin and tourist locations, and rental cars are particularly targeted,” read the government’s statement.

Australian citizens were warned about frequenting secluded parks and also told that pickpocketing was a “common” occurrence here. “Ireland has a moderate incidence of serious, violent crime. Secluded parks and unlit areas should be avoided.

While the travel advice has recently been updated, a spokesman from the Australian embassy in Ireland said its level had not changed.

A spokesperson from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport here said Ireland is a safe place for tourists.


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