What is truth?


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

We need this in Ireland NOW ! The political system is rigged to have corrupt and self serving politicians elected there is no real alternative as the cost for the ordinary joe to put themselves forward is enormous only corrupt politicians and “Insiders” already feeding from the public are able to pay the high costs in getting elected into the Gravy train Dáil we have in this country ! The system is NOT FIT for purpose and must be abolished we need a new system and a new constitution Guaranteeing the people will have the right to all our nations assets and natural wealth ! The state should pay a dividend , a basic pay to all citizens and we must have the right to recall any and all civil servants who do not live up to the demands of the citizens of Ireland:

Politicians should not go above the average industrial wage of the country and official jobs should be offered to any and all citizens via a lottery system and such jobs should be on a one term basis : NO politicians should be allowed to create lobby groups and get paid from such groups as it undermines the spirit of in the service of the people!The new political system should ban all political partied and only independents should be elected to the new Dáil for ONE Term only all state pension for past and present politicians should be on parr with the national citizens pension ! NO Exceptions! Serving the public should not mean creating millionaires  out of the same servants of the people as the current system does: All Banks should be abolished and credit unions should take up the job of the now toxic banks!

We should take back our own right to create our own money and we should take the ECB to the international court of justice and sue them for the crimes they have foisted on our Nation and demand compensation  and recompense for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of our citizens lives ! These funds should then be used to pay of all debts and mortgages and go our own way with a totally new approach to education , Health and harmony with our nature on this Island! We must find our way back to living a life as to been mere slaves to corporate interests ,greed, and cash flow for basic needs : Life must be a joy and not a nightmare that only ends when one dies! WE WANT OUR LIVES< OUR COUNTRY>OUR DIGNITY BACK AND OUR SELF RESPECT BACK!

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