What is truth?

The trade in human lives is alive and well in the EU :This is a monstrous example of hypocrisy: We are no longer in a union of equal nations we the small nations are now at the mercy of the madmen now in charge in Europe who have no morals and are quite happy to do deals with terrorists ,murderers, and people running state run terror and war on their own people ! This is a day of Shame The president of Turkey should be in front of the international court of justice on charges of murder and crimes against humanity! Not rewarded with six billion euros! He has been shown to be involved in the theft of oil from Syria, the murder of the Kurdish people in his own country and the bombing of Kurds in Syria: Who defies who is a criminal to day? Criminals in power! Not in My Name !This latest action from the EU is not been done in MY Name this is wrong!


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