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This week another Honduran environmental activist was tragically murdered. Nelson García worked alongside Berta Caceres trying to stop the disastrous Agua Zarca mega-dam in Honduras.

In the wake of this news and thanks to pressure from over 135,000 SumOfUs members, the FMO Development bank — one of the project’s largest investors — suspended all disbursements into all projects in Honduras, including the Agua Zarca project.

This is huge news — but we haven’t won yet. FMO’s CEO and other executives are due to travel to Honduras to determine whether or not it will continue investing in Agua Zarca. This visit is a unique opportunity to come together and tell FMO do the right thing: pull out of the Agua Zarca dam or face a global public backlash.

In memory of Berta and Nelson, and all the other activists who have unjustly lost their lives to stop this dam, FMO needs to stand in the right side of history and stop investing in a dam that has already caused irreparable damage.

Sign and share the petition asking FMO to pull out of the Agua Zarca project now!



More information:

Fellow Honduran activist Nelson García murdered days after Berta Cáceres, The Guardian, March 16 2016


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