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Comment:By Thomas Aengus O Cléirigh

The Irish economic Recovery? The politicians don’t want to be reminded what homeless look’s like indeed they don’t want to face what their austerity policies are doing to the citizens of this country! The people voted for change and an end to the failed policies of austerity where the poor and the working class are forced to pay off, through austerity taxes on water ,USC, Property taxes and another 30 odd stealth taxes(Levies)(deferred pension payments for the ordinary citizens who now have to wait until they are 69 years old to get 79% of current national pension) the gambling debts of Billionaires and corrupt Central Bankers and there cheerleaders in the two zombie banks here in Ireland! This poor man was sleeping in a Box feet away from the spot another man died last year says it all! As the sellout politicians inside the warm palatial interiors of the Dáil enjoy lottery lifestyles whilst claiming to “serve” the citizens of Ireland: WE WANT CHANGE THIS SYSTEM MUST BE REMOVED AND WE MUST HAVE SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR ALL OUR PEOPLE AND OUR POLITICIANS MUST BE BROUGHT DOWN TO THE REAL WORLD OF THE ORDINARY PEOPLE! AWAY WITH THE MILLIONAIRES WHO CLAIM TO SERVE THE POOR!


By Seán Kenehan


A homeless ‘shelter pod’ on Molesworth Street was demolished and removed by the council in the early hours of this morning.


It had been home to Columb Fogarty, a homeless writer who just last night detailed his experience living on the streets in an article he wrote for Lovin Dublin.

Columb was given just five minutes to clear out when the removal happened suddenly at 7am – and some of his belongings were still in the shelter when it was destroyed.

We spoke to him this morning, and he believes that the move was related to his visibility while the Dáil convened yesterday:

“It was over yesterday. People were shocked by how I was living and went straight over to the politicians to give out. Obviously someone wasn’t happy.”


He added: “The fact of the matter is, this whole reason I did this was to be seen by the government. Now it seems pointless.”

Right now it’s uncertain where he’ll go next, but he will attempt to get a bed with the freephone system tonight, a service that he said would “break the hardest of the hard”.

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