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Warning ! Rip of Eir Telephone company  is leading the “charging” according to its customers!
This is the bill we received today from eir.


 Let me explain what we have received from eir, we signed up for the €50 monthly bundle which involves TV,WiFi,house and mobile phone. The sales assistant in your liffey valley branch assured us we could have WiFi installed in our area.

My mam signed up in December and it was agreed an engineer will be sent out in January to install. So when January came the engineer arrived at approximately 4 o’clock and had a look and said he would be back. Which he never did. So we rang and asked when we can have another engineer out and we were told a week, it later turned out we couldn’t have fibre optic installed in our area because the cables are not installed yet. Which we were assured in your shop there wouldn’t be a problem.

So my mam had been using the iPhone provided as part of this bundle and used it for 6 weeks. My mother then cancelled because of the long delay to the instalation. We received no other service from eir other than the mobile and have paid over €100 over the phone already. So we have made numerous calls to eir and to no avail nothing has happened. Because we can not have any other company install phone and broadband because eir have a block on our line.

Now we have received a bill of €1000 for a service we were willing to pay for but could not be provided and were forced to cancel. Please share this post and do not go with these gangsters. They are extorting people of there money and are as bad as criminals walking the street. We will be contacting all of the national newspapers and radio stations and we want this to go nationwide.


eir Hi Jonathan, I’m very sorry to hear of the on going issues you are having with ourselves. I understand this is very frustrating. Would you like to PM me your account details and I’ll have a look into this for you. Tracey

eir Hi Steven, we are different people working on the same channel so there’s no security breach. Tracey
 Sharon Fulham

Sharon Fulham As we all know eir is eircom so anyone who can trust them is mad…….No offense to those who singed up with them ….they were charging my mother for a phone they installed for over twenty years…sadly she passed away and there’s nothing we can do about it , There should be public warnings about eir in newspapers and on tv too many people are being lead into their trap


eir Ok no problem, apologies for the delays and all inconvenience you have experienced. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to help you here without your account details, if you would like me to look into this feel free to send them on. Tracey

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Leona Christina Ennis

Leona Christina Ennis They did the same to myself I was assured I could get TV phone and Internet. When the engineer came he needed to find the telephone line which was under my drive way he dug my drive way to get the line and my tiles in my front hall we where told we hadSee more

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eir Hi Leona, I’m very sorry to hear of the ongoing issues you are having with us. Would you like to PM me your details and I’ll look into this for you. Tracey

David Hickey
David Hickey Have had issues with eir aswell or eircom as their previous name
Wonder why the name change?? Full of corrupt sales reps promising top deals then getting raped when u sign up,,payed every week without fail for about 6 months no bill or letter in the door in that time only 1 txt to say they were cutting me of coz bill wasn’t up to date??? Baffled to this,, being scammed from a trusted company


eir Hi David, I’m sorry to hear this. Have you received your bills since this? Tracey

Dylan Kelly

Dylan Kelly This happens to me last week David and all of a sudden they want €69.50 for my phone to be turned back on!!!! Absolutely shocking I just won’t be paying my next phone bill getting told by sales consultants that it’s impossible to go over €50 a month and then when the end of the month comes the bill is like €79 disgraceful shocking employees who can’t do their job people guiding loyal customers wrong

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David Hickey

David Hickey Thieving scumbags that’s all they are they won’t get another cent out of me anyway

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Fiona Smyth

Fiona Smyth Eir is not eircom they are two very different companies with different VAT no.s so if you have contract with eircom u don’t have with eir they tried over charge my mother until I noticed this

Jim Cashin

Jim Cashin God help that poor girl from Eir…….. Having said that, they need to be held to account

Amy Kelly

Amy Kelly This happen to me too

Thomás O Cléirigh
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Shauna Smullen

Shauna Smullen I feel ur pain left us wit no telly etc for nearly 2 weeks like that try to cancel blocked out line night mare n then got big bill

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eir Hi Shauna, I’m sorry to hear this. Has your issue being resolved now? Tracey

Sandra Parkes

Sandra Parkes There very bad I’m waiting 5 weeks for my 30€ deal

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eir Hi Sandra, I’m sorry to hear this. Feel free to PM your account number & I can have a look into your package. Stacey

Eimear Nolan

Eimear Nolan We signed up to that as well Sandra and we got a bill the other day for €120! They said they will sort it, it sounds like the shops don’t communicate with the offices. I’m not too confident in it being sorted now after reading all these comments

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Deirdre Jones

Deirdre Jones Don’t think there any 30 euro deal my 30 euro bill is 76 euro

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Jade McDowell

Jade McDowell €30 deal goes up to €93 a month after 12 months & it’s a 2yrs contract, gangsters!

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Sharon Fagan Foley

Sharon Fagan Foley I find it frustrating that a communication service provider have absolutely no communication amongst their own departments or their customers, I left them last year & am very pleased with my current provider, my advice is get on to the communications regulator (COMREG)

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Leanne Purcell

Leanne Purcell I have eir too. And have no problems with them at all. My package is 73 a month. My contract ends in august. Have no problems at all with them.

Lorraine Cooney

Lorraine Cooney Its lack of training of call centre staff. I spent two hrs on the ph trying to sort a billing issue was passed on to so many different departments only to end up with a staff member that kept putting me on hold to ask a supervisor what to do & after 3/4’s of an hr she hung up. Problem still not sorted either.

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Kathryn O' Dwyer

Kathryn O’ Dwyer Its never 30…always more

Elaine Stanley-Mcgoldrick

Elaine Stanley-Mcgoldrick My € 45 deal has never been €45. It’s been between €60 and €70. Changing in June when contract is up.

Does this sound like a national telecom company  looking after business or its customers needs ?????  Telecom Eireann has been sold 5 times over the last 15 years do you need to know why ???? Just ask their customers ! I would rather send smoke signals than become a customer of them ! Rip off Ireland is alive and well!  You just could not write this stuff !

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