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Ireland: Post General Election

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


To-day our household received our annual car insurance quote/Demand as a result of the sever austerity we are down to one car and that one is 13 years old ( we bought it brand new) after paying almost 16 thousand euros on repairs over the years  I estimate everything important on the car has been replaced and yet we would get nothing for it if we were to sell it !Message here is DO NOT BUY A RENAULT! Back to our quote! First the nice gentleman told  me our conversation is been recorded and was it ok as we need the insurance I can see if I objected the call would end and we would have no Insurance so I have no choice! Next he went on to tell me the government have put a new levy on all insurances and so my premium is now 50 euros higher than last year as my wife is a named driver (for the past 20 years) I needed to answer a FEW questions when I told him she had received 3 points for speeding 2 years ago (6KLM over the speed limit) he immediately lobed another 50 euros on to the quote and then came the next question what does your wife do for a living then I said she was involved in child care oh that would be a problem and we would now have to take this into consideration and he then added another 232 euros on to the quote :So in the space of just under 3 minutes my quote was 100% + over the original quote:

So what to do ??? NOTHING this is following on from a visit to the NCT last week where again I paid 65 euro for the test: The testing results came back saying two problems were discovered on my vehicle: This was a surprise as I had previously brought the car to our local garage and we got a clean bill of health now according to the NCT the car needed to replace something on the front passenger side of the wheel and something on the back passenger side of the car: so Back to the garage where the insisted that the wheels were perfect BUT they must change the items identified otherwise I would fail the NCT again so after 200 euros for the “Repairs” and another fee 28 euros for the NCT I was allowed to travel on the roads of Ireland : These same roads I have been paying for over 40 years with my road tax and insurances, the vastly over prices petrol  etc: which brings me to the Water extortion tax: now knowing that 66% of my motor tax was been sent to this latest quango a den full of failed county council types and political appointees .

This quango has squandered billions of tax payers’ money over the last 5 years  and was an attempt by the corrupt and bought off politicians to privatize a basic human right was and is the last straw I have been active in my outright opposition to this blatant attack on our human right especially when we are already paying through the nose for the privilege of having water we need to boil most days before drinking it and don’t get me started on the 80 odd chemicals infused in it as well without my consent me and my family are been forced fed  a chemical soup and the asked to pay for it is outrageous and enough reason to commit to a bloody revolution ! So now we had a General Election and what was the outcome? More of the same the players on the different teams have slightly changed buy the game is still the same! The two major political forces responsible for the disaster here in Ireland were rewarded and with only slight adjustments we now have a situation where for the first time in Irish history the two will come together and create a national government:

We may see the backtracking on Irish water but I am sure we will end up paying another way as this land is now a land of stealth taxes corrupt politicians and the corporate elites have a licence to rip off the hard pressed citizens at every turn: try to get a quote for insurance for a young lad for a Honda 50 you will need to win the lotto to be able to pay for the privilege! Everywhere you turn it is a question of tax tax and more tax Rip off Ireland is alive and well the politicians are busy creating monopolies for the corporate gangsters now running our country as more and more state agencies at been privatized: With only 3 banks in the state our friendly bank managers are experts in reliving you of your few bob in your bank account via the various “Fees” and Government taxes ! Not one of the candidates in the general election expressed any interest in any of these concerns:What we had was the usual stupid vague oneline quotes on their posters this year’s one was “Let’s keep the recovery going” when a more accurate quote would have been “ Let’s keep our own gravy train going” Anyway surprise surprise  the musical chairs political system is still intact and we are sadly still in the grip of gangsters, corruption, political corrupt dynasties : Yes today was a reminder that all is well in the corrupt state that the world knows as Ireland:

I suppose not enough people feel the pain of Austerity  I do as 35% of the voters did not even bother to vote ! How very sad! So to finish up I expect my family will have to solder on and batten down the hatches as a frontal assault on our merger resources is expected once again by the newly elected political out of touch TD’s  most of whom are returning to the world’s most lavish gravy train that will make them millionaires in the next five years ( that is if they are not already millionaires)  Ireland will have to wait yet again for the badly needed changes that make life worth living instead of surviving from pay day to payday assuming you have a payday !

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