What is truth?

“Educate yourself about Laudabiliter and realise your true power”

Lets get the conversation started about the Vaticans false claim to Ireland and the fraudulent document known as “Laudabilter”, a Papal Bill which was issued by Nicholas Breakspeare otherwise known as Pope Adrian IV to King Henry of England to Invade Ireland and destroy its culture and people and to give the land of Ireland and its people as slaves to the British Crown on one condition that the Irish people never realise who they are and the power that they truly hold.. As when the Irish people realise this then all contracts finnish..

After the fraudulent document by the Vatican known as “Laudabilter” all the Bishops of Ireland swore loyalty to King Henry and the British Crown to maintain the suppression of the people of Ireland as slaves to the Vatican and British Crown.

This was when the Vatican commenced the murder and suppression of Ireland and religious reform to remove the native powerful teachings of Ireland supported by the Bishops of Ireland murdering Irish Monks and destroying libraries and important Irish history documents. The Vatican then made it illegal to educate anyone on the powerful native teachings of Ireland.

Leinster House and the Irish government still today try claim their authority through “Laudabiliter”, as political parties in Ireland still represent the Vatican and British Crown in Ireland. All six incarnations of the ‘IRISH STATE’, i.e. Lordship of Ireland 1171-1542, Kingdom of Ireland 1542-1801, Act of Union 1801- 1922, Free State, 1922-1937, Eire 1937-49, Republic of Ireland 1949-2016 derive their alleged authority from Laudabiliter.This is why they were behind the mass water fluoridation of Ireland to lower intelligence and cause apathy to suppress the people of Ireland realising who they are and the power they truly have. As when the people of Ireland realise who they truly are then all contracts are over and the Vatican and British Crown loose all authority in Ireland.

Still today the authority of “Laudabiliter” cannot be proven by Vatican archives, and it is now known that it is a fraudulent document. It has already been asserted that “Laudabiliter” is a forgery that was fabricated to facilitate King Henrys invasion and destruction of Ireland. No original copy of “Laudbiliter” has ever been found in the Vatican archives.

Laudabiliter was a Papal Bull issued in 1155 by Pope Adrian IV who was the only English man to serve in the office of Pope. .All Roman Cannon Law / UCC Law courts in Ireland still today base their authority on “Laudabiliter”.. Lots of questions to be asked here…

“Laudabiliter” is where the Vatican claimed its authority during the Fammine / Genocide of Ireland and the Magdalene Laundaries as the Bishops of Ireland over say the destruction of Ireland seeing the people of Ireland its lands as slaves to the British Crown for the benefit of the Vatican.. As the Papal Bull “Laudabilter” still governs Irish politics and Leinster house to suppress Ireland and its people for the benefit of the British Crown and Rome. All political parties and polititions running for election need to be asked.. “Do you endorse and support “Laudabilter?”. If they do it means they support the suppression of Ireland and basically work for the British Crown and Vatican, and if they dont even know about it then “What are they doing in politics?” when they dont have a clue about its hidden agendas
“It has just come to my attention that this information is not actually known and it’s my job to share it, so here goes –

On a planetary level, the land of Éire is “THE” catalyst for a complete reform of the concept of government that spreads right across the world. This is a very, very, very special place. Everybody knows that in their hearts. What happens here is setting the stage for change of the entire planet, it is vital that everybody who feels it and feels us gets behind us and helps! We have the potential to set the world free from oppression, beginning on our own soil.
People of Éire do not underestimate our potential! Why do you think we’ve been the unique targets of the mind-altering drug Fluoride, which has been proven to cause apathy and lower intelligence?

“Ireland is the future, beginning now! Let’s take up our role with honour and pride like the warriors that we are”


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