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Turkey’s Erdogan

Karl Marx: Another Look !

Ireland today :Easter Sunday 2016

Unbelievable this was the sent that met the citizens of Ireland  today : If you haven’t realized by now that we have a totally out of touch political system, well here you have a blatant reminder of the real Ireland! The elite’s have decided to hold a Easter parade and you the ordinary citizen were not invited! This is unbelievable stuff, in the history of our country that the corrupt political elite’s would go so far! How much more will the people of Ireland take? What else do they have to endure before they say enough is enough! This is just another sad day for Ireland!

Free Will ? its an illusion !

As the self falls away (Richard Miller)

Greek Banks Admit To Charging Customers To Exchange Big Bills For Smaller Ones

Earlier this month, a reader noticed something rather disturbing. Piraeus Bank seemed to have added a new line item in one of its reports and that new line item appeared to suggest that the bank was set to charge customers for exchanging €500 notes for smaller bills.

And it wasn’t just Piraeus. Other Greek banks looked to be doing something similar.

Now it would be bad enough if this was just another example of banks making up for lost margins by passing ZIRP and NIRP onto customers via fees or if this were simply Greek banks being forced to squeeze a little extra out of their retail business because they are still wholly insolvent. But it’s the timing of these new exchange taxes that raises eyebrows.

Remember, reports began to circulate earlier this year that the ECB was considering doing away with the €500 note. That was distressing news for many Greeks who last year, fearing the troika may one day threaten to essentially confiscate their savings (again), eschewed the bank in favor of the mattress. Obviously, much of that mattress money is denominated in €500 notes – notes which Draghi is now set to phase out.

Upon hearing the news, “many in Greece – especially older people – rushed to deposit the money in their accounts,” eKathimerini wrote last month, adding that “bank officials say depositing the 500-euro notes at a bank is the only way for people to rid themselves of them without losing the money, as it is not possible to exchange them for smaller notes.”

Or at least it wouldn’t be once they’re taken out of circulation, but in the meantime it is possible, and as it turns out, Greek banks are indeed doing precisely what we suspected they were doing: they’re charging to exchange the €500 notes for smaller denominations.

Here’s eKathemirini again:

Banks collect a commission of 1.5 percent on average when changing 500-euro bills for notes of lower denominations, citing the administrative costs of keeping their branches stocked with notes of smaller value.


When exchanging one 500-euro note for smaller bills, the charge is 3-5 euros (depending on the bank), while the maximum charge comes to 200-250 euros regardless of the amount a customer wishes to exchange.

Right. Greek banks need to offset “the administrative costs of keeping their branches stocked with notes of smaller value.” Normally that would translate roughly to this: “we need to offset the administrative costs of being a bank,” but because this is Greece, the banks get to blame the ECB and Brussels:

In response to criticism about the commission they charge, banks counter that the administrative cost of supplying their branches around the country with smaller banknotes is unusually high at present with the capital controls still in place and a 420-euro cap on the weekly amount that can be withdrawn in cash.

It’s not immediately clear why that makes sense, but we’re sure they’d have an answer should anyone care to ask.

As eKathimerini continues, “people started going to banks to exchange top-denomination euro bills after it was reported that the European Central Bank intends to withdraw them as a measure against money laundering.” So if you are Greek and you were effectively forced to take your money out of the bank because after last summer you feared a depositor bail-in might be right around the corner, you now have the distinct pleasure of having to pay a fee to exchange your large bills for smaller ones at the very same banks where you withdrew the money in the first place. But that’s all part of living in a debt colony of Germany we suppose.

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By Thomás O Cléirigh

Come to Ireland and get fleeced by your friendly bank with so called ” Authorized quarterly fees”  We must do away with these parasites and open up our world to the true destiny of the people of the world to live and prosper both materially and spiritually! The current financial system is soul destroying and is killing our planet! we need something else that does not include mindless consumption of crap!

Time to Fire up the Money Helicopter?

I have been an advocate of this policy for 15 years now and believe the world’s financial system can only survive if worlds governments come together and implement this policy for all worlds citizens : It will happen anyway as the peoples of the world see trillions disappear and they are forced to pay for the madness now been carried out that is QE ! Banks creating something out of nothing and then forcing US Plebs to pay for it by working the rest of our lives in servitude is not going to continue :THEY HAVE NO CHOICE the con job is out in the open!

Brian M. Lucey

helicoptermoneyInsanity, we are told, is doing the same thing time and again and expecting a different solution. By that definition, and no surprise to anyone who has watched the slow motion train wreck that is the Eurozone, the ECB is insane. But, as I have written in 2014, there is a cure.

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No You and No Me!

Fellow Honduran activist Nelson García murdered days after Berta Cáceres



This week another Honduran environmental activist was tragically murdered. Nelson García worked alongside Berta Caceres trying to stop the disastrous Agua Zarca mega-dam in Honduras.

In the wake of this news and thanks to pressure from over 135,000 SumOfUs members, the FMO Development bank — one of the project’s largest investors — suspended all disbursements into all projects in Honduras, including the Agua Zarca project.

This is huge news — but we haven’t won yet. FMO’s CEO and other executives are due to travel to Honduras to determine whether or not it will continue investing in Agua Zarca. This visit is a unique opportunity to come together and tell FMO do the right thing: pull out of the Agua Zarca dam or face a global public backlash.

In memory of Berta and Nelson, and all the other activists who have unjustly lost their lives to stop this dam, FMO needs to stand in the right side of history and stop investing in a dam that has already caused irreparable damage.

Sign and share the petition asking FMO to pull out of the Agua Zarca project now!



More information:

Fellow Honduran activist Nelson García murdered days after Berta Cáceres, The Guardian, March 16 2016


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