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Ireland General Election 2016

What have we ? the he same old politicians who are responsible for the collapse of the Irish dream of independence in the first place: These dinosaurs and sell out’s have the money behind them and I suspect Brussels and the ECB  will dictate who we are going to have rule over us for the next five years! THE RECOVERY – (PLUNDER) MUST GO ON!  

Thinking of coming back to Ireland?  Dont, NOTHING has changed and the same old musical chairs politicians are still in charge : The people of Ireland were forced to pay 48% of Europe’s banking collapse all because our politicians were all bought off  and these same politicians have now been re elected to the sham Dáil !Taxes and corruption will be rampant and we might see the return of the Galway developer tents ! Disgusted !Most people haven’t shaken off the house slave mentality ! Maybe the next time we might see real change and we might get people in to the Dail who will fight the ECB and Brussels and take them to the international court of Justice and get our stolen natural resources back and our plundered national pension funds along with the billions we paid on interest on an “ODIOUS DEBT”currently running at 9,300,000,000 Euro each year for the last 5 years

God save Ireland from the Gombeens in the Dáil

Photo depicts the returning officer with the ballot box from Inishbofin; (source https://twitter.com/rayodonnchadha)


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