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Dublin 20.02.2016

By Thomás O Cléirigh

Today again citizens in there tens of thousands came out into the streets of Dublin to demand again there Human Right to Water: Water which we are paying 1,200,000,000 Euros already before you take into consideration the New austerity water tax! But It was not and never has it been about water alone ! The rampant corruption, “insiders club” and political favouritism that has been the root cause of Irelands woes! I do not have the words to express my contempt for the political parasites who sold their own people out over the last 10 years ! Even now a good many of them will be stepping of the gravy train (The Dáil) and heading off into the sunset laden down with their lottery pensions whilst the same ordinary citizens will continue to struggle even as we the people elect a new government! I propose the next government drastically cut these lottery pensions down to the level of the ordinary citizens pension and that all politicians should only get that pension upon reaching the age of 69 years same are the rest of us !

Anyway Its late and I am too tired to go on as I am sure I cannot add to the reports coming in from so many ordinary people from around the country ! I send out my sincerest respect to all the people who came out on to the streets to day to again stand up for their constitutional right to Health cair, education, housing, right to work, right to water and above all the right to live in their own country without having to financially enslave themselves and pay a tax dodgeing billionaire for the privilege!

We deserve better and we must always be prepared to make a stand for our rights and our children’s future:

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