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 Sent into us to-day: Ireland’s Recovery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By John Conmy
To say I am absolutely devastated is an understatement. As I was in dublin last Monday trying to better myself and promote erris on national radio I received a call at 2.50 asking me ,”was I on my work premises and were there any television camera’s in my work premises . unusual I thought, I said “no” and could I ring you when I finish the ray darcy show . finished the show at 4.30 to see about 40 missed calls from staff and friends.they informed me that 2 intimidating men entered my premises at 3.10pm.locked the door ,removed the till with money inside, removed stock and cutlery.the terified staff some locked in toilets by now we’re in an awful state. one of the men then arrived back and handed a hand written note saying there was 1450.25 total money taken by them , after valentines weekend and fair day monday where did the rest go? On ringing this guy stating I had an arrangement with the Revenue sheriff, Mr. Charles A.kelly 0949251121 to pay 500 per week which was being done and up to date.i was informed that there was an election coming and government need to get in as much revenue as possible and I would have to pay the total tax bill in full that day, Monday. which is 9066.32 and they would be targeting other businesses, so now 15 staff are out of work and a good business closed.on digging deeper I discover that Mr. Kelly(himself a convicted and fined tax defaulter from 2009.its all online) in Swinford is one of the head kiddies in Fine gael.”Talk about putting the fox looking after the hen house”i am not political but this government is destroying rural ireland and costing jobs.in the 4 years of” fun bobbys ” i have paid over 1.2 million in wages in the local community nearly 400000 in taxes and today I’m closed because of a 9 thousand tax bill .how long will it take 15 staff to reach 9000 in dole and benefits. Not long I’d say.i was so proud of fun bobbys and so happy in erris and now it’s all in tatters.the 2 guys that came even took 62 euro we had raised for local charity. Nice men.As fine gael say ,”keep the recovery going”muppets .please tag whoever you think needs to see this. Hope we get it all sorted.sorry and thanks:


Yep, Keep the recovery going Fine Gael & Labour !

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