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Sent into us to-day :

26 Years of sheer Hell and this is just a small sample of what happened to our family

Dear Minster,

My name is George Hill and I’m married to my wife Nora .( We are living in HELL)
I was born in Dublin in 1947 and raised in Brittas Co.Dublin on the Family Farm.
We had a 125 acre dairy farm the work was hard but it was a good life.
There was four of us two boys and two Girls.The ownership of the farm always went to the eldest Son which was my Brother David.
In the 1960’s I joined the Royal Air Force so as to have a separate career.
I got married in 1970 in the Uk and returned to Ireland to build our first home on the site of the “Hill’s” ancestral home (Old stone cottage ruin) Farm and lands there since the 1800’s. In November 1987 our home was destroyed by fire.
We set about looking for Planning permission to rebuild our home.
Who Better than Sean Walsh TD and chairman of Dublin County Council he said to me no problems George I will do my very best for you and get you Planning.
At this time another neighbor came to the area looking for planning in the field opposite our home. Sometime afterwards Sean walsh TD came up to our burnt out home and said sorry George I did my best but was out voted.
Six months later our new neighbors got full planning permission first time no problems to build in a field that never had a building on it before.
The new neighbors Kiren & Ann O’Sullivan who were related to Bertie AhernTD through his wife Conroy and also related to the Late Jim Mansfield drug importer and convicted criminal who served time in Mount Joy.
When the O’Sullivans first arrived they asked me for permission to use our lane so they could build their house.They said that they would close up any entrances they made after the house was built and use the other entrance they had off the County Council roadway. When they looked for planning they only had a possessory title  which was converted to full in 1990.That was the start of our 25 years of hell.3am visits and intimidation which is still
continuing to this day 2015.

Before these scumbags moved in we always got on well with our neighbors we helped them make hay and they in turn helped us.
criminal behavior is the responsibility of An Garda Síochána. But in 25 years all they have done for us is sneer at us and threaten us….IF you don’t keep quite we will find something to charge you with.
This is 21st of July 2015 and there is little or no change the harassment is continuous.
We need a properly trained professional police force that is smarter than the criminals, that is the only way that this mess can be sorted out.

As for the GSOC they are a waste of space. Gardai investigating Gardai.

Now  would you like your Mother or Father to have to suffer like we have to, old and sick and no one to fight our corner for us.We don’t know anyone in high places we can ask for help.All we want is the right to live and let live.
The right to go to Church on a Sunday without continuous harassmen.

The O’Sullivans has set up an electronic surveillance system with a very high frequency pitch which scan’s all our property, its very annoying and is driving my wife nuts.
Its set at a frequency that set’s their three dogs barking loud.
e.g. If we open a window in our house then all hell breaks loose or open our front or back door it’s the same. We have a little westie house dog and he needs regular walks.
Our nerves are at breaking point this is no way for anyone to have to live.

The audible (sonic) bird repeller  How it works.

It takes the form of different high frequency sounds such as high pitched
bird sound we call them the magic birds with volume controls. Which are
turned up and down dependent on how much they want to mess with your head?
They also use a different sound to trigger the dogs barking. When I walk
our westie in the mornings I only have a limited time span to get back before the dogs
start barking mad.
The audible (sonic) bird repeller plays digital recordings of real
predatory birds. They have a far greater and wider area of coverage, but as
these can be heard by humans the noise the bird repellers produce
will cause a problem to local residents. All audible bird deterrents have a volume control
plus an option to disable the sound through the hours of darkness.

Its sheer hell and its driving my wife mad. She is on tablets for her
nerves and Imodium proscribed by our Doctor. Shortly after she eats she has
to run to the bathroom due to her nerves.
No one should have to live like this.

A Criminal
assault within the meaning of the Non Fatal Offences against the Person
Act, 1997.

The device “is capable, in its ordinary use of perpetrating a criminal
assault within the meaning of the Non Fatal Offences against the Person
Act, 1997.

“We have had legal advice on it and it is an assault under the Non-Fatal
Offences against the Person Act 1997 if the noise is deliberately and
intentionally targeted at a person as opposed to a general noise,”

Non-Fatal Offences against the Person Act, 1997

2. — (1) A person shall be guilty of the offence of assault who, without
lawful excuse, intentionally or recklessly—

(a) Directly or indirectly applies force to or causes an impact on the body
of another, or

( b ) causes another to believe on reasonable grounds that he or she is
likely immediately to be subjected to any such force or impact,

Without the consent of the other.

(2) In subsection (1) (a), “force” includes—

(a) Application of heat, light, electric current, NOISE or any other form
of energy

There are also legal issues to whether or not this device contravenes the
Equality Act 2004 and Human Rights Act. Essentially what is needed in
Ireland now is a test case.

.” This device can be activated and deactivated simply by sending a text
message to it via a mobile phone.

Section 8: Noise as a nuisance.
108.—(1) Where any noise which is so loud, so continuous, so repeated, of
such duration or pitch or occurring at such times as to give reasonable
cause for annoyance to a person in any premises in the neighbourhood.

The O’Sullivans are related to Bertie Ahern and the Late Jim Mansfield Businessman/ drug importer and convicted criminal who served time in Mount joy.
O’Sullivans has taken advantage of the troubles to line their own pockets by trying to force us out so they can get back door planning for “houses” Is two houses and a Cottage not enough for them?

On the property that we now have our house, way back in 1863 my ancestor Joe Hill had a farm and out buildings. I have a copy of the map.

I was born in Dublin and brought up in Brittas most of my life on the family farm in all my days I have never experienced any bad neighbours until the O’Sullivans arrived next door with their gang of thugs, then our whole life was turned upside down.

It’s 25 years this year and it must end we can’t take much more of this.

Trusting you will take what ever action is necessary to bring this nightmare inflicted on two old aged pensioners to an end.

Yours truly,

George & Nora Hill
Hill’s Lane

014582435 / 0876767804
Re; Reform Movement

Dear Mr. Hill,

Mr. Robin Bury of the Reform Movement has passed me your
email and

enclosed letter of the 1st of January to see if! Could be of
any assistance.

I am quite shocked at the brief history of intimidation and
sectarianism recounted

in your letter and can safely say that I have not witnessed
such behaviour on this

scale before.

Perhaps it might be of assistance if we could meet to
discuss matters, and see if

there could be a solution with which I could help you.

Please feel free to call me at your convenience and we

could organise a mutually convenient time to meet.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Pro Ryan Smyth& Co

Cc, Robin Bury Esq., Reform Movement
The arson attacks must have been most disturbing and I hope
that the Garda


are able to find sufficient evidence for justice to be done.
You may wish

to be aware

that the Garda Siochana Complaints Board (telephone
01-728666) can deal


matters such as unanswered 999 calls.

.A Cobden Second Secretarv


Dear George

I refer to our discussion on Saturday and find the matters
you raised with me very


I accept from what you showed and told me that you are at
the receiving end of

someone with both financial and political muscle. The
problem is that the active

involvement of the Gardai in an even-handed fashion is
necessary before evidence can

be assembled that would stand up in Court. If you believe
for the reasons you stated

that the local Garda Sargent is disinterested or partisan,
then I urge you to set out a

file for the Garda Commissioner.

I will certainly raise the matter with the Minister for
Justice. I am, of course,

chastened in my expectations in the knowledge that such as
Alan Dukes and John

Bruton apparently got nowhere on the issues. However I will
press the matter and

again I urge you to make contact directly with the Garda

It is truly appalling that this kind of harassment,
reminiscent of a bygone era, should

revive in the 1990s.

Pat Rabbitte Leader of the Labour Party.

Dear George,

Thank you for your recent email and for sending me a copy of
your letter to Pat

Rabbite. I very much appreciate your kind remarks.

I am sorry about the intimidation that you and your family
are suffering as a result of

your Protestant faith. This is clearly unacceptable and
challenges the view expressed

by the Irish Government that the Protestant community in the
south is well looked

after and it’s rights are protected. The attitude of the
Gardai in particular is appalling.

If this were the RUC/PSNI, the Irish Government would be
screaming from the

rooftops of Leinster House.

I will certainly make use of the information that you have
provided without

compromising the safety of you and your family. Thank you
for having the courage

and the faith to contact me.

Yours in Christ,

Jeffrey Donaldson MP.MLA ( DUP ) donaldsonjm@parliament.uk

PS. 07 May 2008

Dear George,

Thank you for your email of the 30th April. I am indeed
alarmed and annoyed that

you should feel under such stress living in your home

I have sent a copy of your email to Mr. Brian Lenihan T.D.,
Minister for Justice,

Equality and Law Reform and I will use the first opportunity
to discuss the issue with

him so as to make sure that he deals with it personally.

In the meantime I hope that you and your wife can get some
respite from the stress.

Yours sincerely,
Seymour Crawford T.D.

PLEASE Bring Back Law & Order to Brittas

25 Years of Mob Rule ????
* Telephone lines were tampered with.. This can be confirmed by Councillor Breda
* Bank Statements and personal letters & Royal Air Force Vet Pension were steamed open and pushed through the
letterbox crumpled and torn. This can be confirmed by the Gardai in Rathcoole and by
the Bank of Ireland manager in Ratheoole, Paddy Ryan.
* Intimidating behaviour began such as cars screeching into our driveway at 3am with
accompanying shouts of abuse. This was reported to the Gardai on a 999 call.
* Cars were used to block our access to and from church.
* Shots were fired over our house on a number of occasions; on one of them, my
aerial was shot down. This was reported to the Gardai.
* Death threats were made concerning me and my family. These threats were
recorded and are with the Gardai in Rathcoole Garda Station.
We would also like to point out here that my brother has also been a victim of
Violence in that his hay barn, house, car and mobile home’s was mysteriously burnt to
the ground and told to get out of Brittas. (Telephone Call)(.David owns a Mobile
home site business in Brittas)
Details of this are with the Gardai and Fire Department.
It soon became clear that someone wanted us off our land, we received letters to
“get off our land” which I lodged with Rathcoole Garda Station, and I wasn’t
really surprised not to hear back from them,as they never showed any interest or
help at any time.
Then five chalets burnt down in one night and no help or interest from the
Gardai. This burning of mobile homes and chalets has continued up to June 1997
when the last occurrence happened.
David Hill.Brother of George Hill.

RE: George Hill Crooksling, Brittas, Co. Dublin.

Dear Superintendent Walsh,

I am writing to you again on behalf of the above who has
experienced several problems


the past few years.

Mr. Hill rang me today in a very agitated state, due to an
incident that occurred on

Sunday 22

January 1995.

Seemingly a black Ford Mondeo, Reg plate No. 93 D 25683
approached his car in a very

dangerous manner on

the lane leading from Mr. Hill’s House. This occurred when
Mr. Hill was on his way to a

church service at 11 a. m.

Mr. Hill was under the impression that the car would impact
with the side of his car. The

Mondeo stopped and

Mr. Hill continued on his journey when the Mondeo approached
him again in a



Mr. Hill is still very shaken over this incident and I have
asked him to go to Rathcoole


to make a formal complaint concerning same.

I would appreciate your comments and observations on this

Yours sincerely,

Earnonn Walsh T.D. MCC

George Orwell once said; ‘Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.’

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