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Colin Brady was joined on his picket this morning by friends and family, these are the people Rose Bently calls ‘extremists’. Shame on you Bently. The only extremists i see are extremely cute kids that want to know why you wont pay their Daddy.
We handed out leaflets to inform passers by about why we were protesting. The three fathers on that picket line this morning all work in construction, hard physically demanding, highly skilled (all qualified tradesmen) work..Bently do you think we get up at 6.30am and go out and work our backs to breaking for the bleeding craic???? No we do it to provide for the women and children that were stood with us on the picket today.
Our information is still coming in, we know your feeling the pressure, big time.
All you had to do was the decent thing, the right thing but you wouldnt…….no guilt, no shame, no empathy, no responsibility, greed………..i seriously think the HSE should be looking at your suitability to house vunerable children.
Maith sibh a phaistí mar bhí sé an fhuar…..well done to the kids for braving the cold to support their father and friend.
We are not stopping rosie til Colin gets whats owed.
A honest days pay for an honest days work.

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