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The Turkish state has massacred 60 civilians using chemical weapons

 For the past two months, in front of the world’s eyes, the Turkish state has been conducting a systematic massacre in Cizre. Tens of thousands of civilians have been subjected to heavy bombardment and street killings.  For several days, state forces had been bombing two different buildings that contained wounded civilians; they have now killed almost 60 people using chemical weapons.

According to reports from Cizre the people were killed by chemical weapons and the AKP government media (TRT-News) has been announcing this as a victory. In the face of a significant resistance from the Kurdish people the AKP fascist state has committed genocide in Cizre, deploying unethical and illegal methods.

  • We call upon the EU and UN to urgently declare military and economic sanctions against Turkey. 
  •  We demand that Turkey be tried for its crimes against humanity and war crimes. 
  • We call upon all people to show solidarity with the Kurdish people.

Kurdistan National Congress ─ KNK

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