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A homeless man is sleeping rough in a wooden ‘dog box’ around Newbridge.

The 33-year-old was forced onto the streets due to unforeseen circumstances several weeks ago.

The man, who doesn’t want to be named, has called on general election candidates to pledge to provide better services for homeless people.

John (not his real name) has been a DJ and a painter and decorator in the past but now finds it difficult to find work.

John told KildareNow: “I sleep in a plywood box used for dogs which is 8 feet by 4 feet and on wheels.

“I tow it around the place with my bike.

“I park it somewhere different most nights where I will be safe and I won’t be asked to move on.

“I live on some social welfare payments for the moment and I wash in public toilets around Newbridge.

“I have contacted TDs and councillors to get somewhere to live but nobody has helped me yet.

“I get some donations from shops like Woodies so I can insulate the inside of the box to make it warmer.

“It’s very cold to sleep these nights and I slept in minus-1 degrees the other night.

“I found an unoccupied house in Newbridge and I slept there. All I had to warm myself was one of those small heat packs from Dealz.”

If anybody would like to help John, leave a message in the Facebook Comments section or email content@kildarenow.com.

source: http://www.kildarenow.com/news/homeless-man-living-in-wooden-dog-box-around-newbridge-town/72510

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