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*Please Share..Two years ago during the local elections, I exposed how Fianna Fail in Cabra were paying hard pressed African migrants far below minimum wage toerect election posters and distribute leaflets on behalf of candidates who they never met nor knew anything about, they were just happy to earn 5 or 6 quid an hour for abit of work. Sometimes over 15 hours a day.
I believe it cost one FF candidate any chance of seat, as it was his mug on the front of the literature.

Well they never learn. As this morning in Glasnevin, this gentleman is by himself on a Windy day, without any help erecting posters on behalf of John Lyons TD of Labour, being paid he claimed 7 EURO an hour, again far below the minimum wage!!!

Junior partners in government no doubt who claim to represent the working people and those at risk of labour exploitation.
The cheek of them pretending to stand against abuse of immigrants, working poor and unemployed. Pretending ‘equality’ is at top of their agenda.
How are they able to get away with this sheer illegal and morally reprehensible practice???

Are things so bad for Labour they have no members left to volunteer to put up posters or have their fat cat TDs and councillors gotten so entitled and privileged they feel justified in paying those they have driven to economic desperation 7 QUID AN HOUR to plaster their lying mugs all over our community

This is shameful and needs exposing.

Living wage they promise? Yeah right.

John Lyons and Labour explain this please??????

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