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North Inner City Water Meter Watch's photo.
North Inner City Water Meter Watch

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This is the “face” of democracy Fine Gael and Labour style. This is one of the fascist thugs the Blueshirts and their Labour Party lapdogs wheeled out to force water metering on the people of this community and communities all around Ireland. Irish Water and water charges came about with the full support of the Labour Party who lied through their teeth in 2011 and said they opposed water charges and water metering. Irish Water therefore has no mandate.

Don’t be fooled by lies from all the main parties this time. Vote ONLY for candidates who are totally opposed to charges and metering

 This is what we are up against: If you vote FF, Fine Gael, Labour, Greens or the new PD,s/Social Democrats expect more of these types in our streets forcing “Smart Meters” in your ESB Box: We must make a stand against thugs who will use the states power to enslave us all :

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