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One of the Most Unrecognized Health-Boosting Plants



THE HIGH COURT has appointed a provisional liquidator to the Xtra-vision movie rental chain.

The bulk of 580 full and part time jobs at the company are likely to be lost, Mr Justice Paul Gilligan heard.

The company’s owners, Uk based Hilco Capital petitioned the court for the appointment of Mr Michael McAteer of Grant Thornton Ireland as provisional liquidator of Xtra-Vision Entertainment Ltd, which operates more than 80 outlets in both the Republic and Northern Ireland, and related company Xtra-Vision Ireland Ltd which owns the stock.

Justice Paul Gilligan, who described the situation as unfortunate, appointed Mr McAteer after being told the movie rental firms are insolvent and unable to pay their debts.

The company cited the rapidly declining movie rental market and poor Christmas sales as reasons why it is seeking to go into liquidation.

The appointment of a provisional liquidator would aid the orderly winding up of the company, the court heard.

Edward Farrelly Bl for Xtra-Vision said the appointment of a liquidator would result in some of the jobs being saved but it was accepted the bulk of the company’s employees would have their employment terminated.

Counsel added said that any gift vouchers issues by the company will be honoured.

More to follow…


By Thomás O Cléirigh


With an extra TAX  (4500 euros on every household a year) in the state is it any wonder we are seen these companies go bust? Most households are struggling to keep up with their bills :

I cant remember the last time I rented out a movie ! With property tax, USC,water taxes and a whole pleater of stealth taxes I am not surprised! Yes More to follow!

Irish Government rip off its hard pressed motorist


Dear Sir/Madame
I represent my wife and have been instructed in relation to the above amount to tell you to shove your fine of €149.50 up your arse.
Usually we do pay the tolls but on this occasion I had forgotten as I was driving the car at the time but it ceases to amaze me how a €3 fee can turn into €149.50 in the space of 3 months. It is typical of an out of touch Irish Government who keep trying to fleece the ordinary man for every single penny that he is worth.
Just so as you know I am aware that the M50 had paid for itself by 2007 but in what is another tax you decided to increase the toll and keep charging the hard pressed motorist and milk him for all he is worth. Little does it matter to you that I pay €1300 a year on “road” tax and also €6500 per year in diesel costs to run our two cars which are essential as the public transport system is so crap.
And by the way of the €6,500 that we pay in diesel, €3,900 of that goes to you anyway in excise duty. So that is a total of €5,200 annually that we give you for the pleasure of travelling to work in this rip off country and that doesn’t even include insurance or maintenance costs.
So on reflection I think that the government is making enough money out of us without me allowing you to get up and ride us bareback altogether.
So I say this to Pierce and Fitzgibbon solicitors in Listowel, Co. Kerry (who are probably on a nice little percentage for trying to scare the bejaysus out of people) that I will most categorically not be paying any fine to you or any of your cronies and I would do the jail first. It is families like us that are trying to keep this country afloat and we most certainly don’t appreciate some faceless dickhead in an office in the back end of Kerry threatening me or my wife with “Court Summons” or that “a judgement will be registered against me that could affect my credit rating”. If ye put as much effort into jailing Seanie Fitz, Bertie, Fingers and the rest of gobshites that have this country where it is today then I think that would be more appropriate.
Yours faithfully

source: https://www.facebook.com/GardaCheckpointsIreland/photos/a.336325073229780.1073741830.240874409441514/416761988519421/?type=3&fref=nf

Housing Market in Ireland getting ready for lift off again??

Ireland: Here we go again ! Waiting for the bus to get back to Wicklow last week in Bray town centre I took the time to look at the various real estate windows that seem to decorate the main street in the town! Shock shock shock ……… I just could not believe the prices of housing ! We seem to be getting back up to the over hyped home prices of 2007:

The average wage packet in Ireland has shrunk to an average 25,000 Euro and not to mention the average household is now paying 4,500 euro more in New Austerity taxes! Most jobs are on fixed contract bases and there is no security of work for anybody:

The corrupt government has claimed to have created 89,000 jobs in the last 4,5 years but these are all low paying service industry non contract jobs and I can guarantee not one of these jobs were for anybody over the age of 50!  So I cannot understand who exactly is then able to buy the “homes” on offer at over 600,000 euro??? Except the well placed “Insiders” who are benefiting from exorbitant salaries ( top public servants, Bank employees and advisers to the various Government Quangos (800 or so ) in this BA-NAMA-Republic : Everybody else is just struggling from Pay day to pay day!

Still we do have these prices and somebody is able to pay these prices!Meanwhile back at the Ranch( USA) we have this situation (see article link http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2016/01/25/3-downpayment-fha-loans-surge-as-low-credit-buyers-enticed-back-into-the-housing-market/  so it wont be long before we have a full blown housing boom again here in Ireland as one of the main established political parties(FF) is pressing the central Bank to relax its deposit requirements on home purchases: Not again!


Capitalism vs Democracy vs Capitalism: My TED Global Talk

Keiser report 866

THE SATURDAY ESSAY: the way is open for Britain to destroy EU fascism. Read why we won’t.

An EXCELLENT diagnostics of the ECB Dictatorship :

The Slog.

More teeth in the Brexit threat by the British Establishment would force a European Union already awash with problems and crises to dramatically reform its institutions and structure in favour of more direct liberal democracy. In particular, aligning the UK with the rebellions in ClubMed and Eastern Europe would give us a position with enormous potential leverage. David Cameron and the other main British élites have no intention of doing any of those things: the June Referendum is a facade behind which a much bigger revolution can be effected. The Slog explains.

The ‘deal’ already agreed in outline between David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk and others to “keep” Britain in the European Union is rapidly turning, on the EU Commission circuit, into one of the worst-kept secrets of all time. For me, it is one of the great scandals of the moment that not one of the…

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