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Dublin :

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Yesterday Saturday 30: 01; 2016  over a thousand people turned out to demonstrate against the destruction of our National heritage  as the ” well connected Insider Developers”  again plot and plan a future where we the citizens become slaves to the new religion of corporate Ireland: They continue to believe we the citizens are to be used and abused at will and all in the name for profit ! Our politicians have long ago prostituted themselves and have lost all credit ability  we now see the auction politics get underway as they again try to brainwash   the Irish public into voting for them again on the back of a supposed ” Recovery”:

Ireland has changed yes the country is now a shadow of its former self: The  ” Recovery is only to be seen in the lottery pensions, salaries  and perks for the well connected and lackeys of the total corrupt political system! Corporate Ireland and its Front ( The Piller Toxic Banks ) are again busy about their business ripping off their customers and the sell out politicians have absolute no problem in  supporting their masters in Europe as they are wined and dined on a daily basis and with the promises of “Big payoff jobs in Europe ringing in their ears when they have finished plundering our national coffers and when they are kicked out of office !
Meanwhile workers are turfed out on to the streets without receiving their wages, helpless citizens living on the streets,evictions at record levels and taxes coming out of the woodwork at us from all directions: Lying from officialdom is now firmly institutionalized and is a “Given”
Below is a photo gallery  that reflects these observations of Ireland to day: Our country is now in the hands of pathological liars, self serving parasitic politicians and is a cesspit of corruption: Will the next crop of politicians do any better or must we again turn to open revolution ! The leaders of 1916 I have no doubt would again be in revolt  if they were here today! Ireland deserves better! We have become the “Bitch ” of Europe!

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  1. Lying is “Policy” and has been for a long time.

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