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Grafton Street Dublin/IRELAND. ( A few hours ago)This is an absolute disgrace. How in God’s Name did WE allow it get this far; that we have disabled sleeping on streets. Just when I thought I had seen it all….

Sylvia Mc Guinness This is shame of the fg labour traitors in government, could anyone with heart ever allow them in harm anymore of Ireland and people of Ireland. Enda Kenny, Alan Kelly, Joan Burton Noonan, Leo liar, SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU ALL, THIS IS YOUR RESP…See More

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Maureen Chambers

Maureen Chambers When you look at all the wealth in this world how is there so much poor and hated people, Just take a look at the churches that is supposed to love all these people and yet they are sitting on billions, And as for politicians i have no words to describe them anymore.

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Pauline Byrne

Pauline Byrne Fecking disgraceful turns my stomach to see this poor person sleeping on the streets really hope people pull together get this shower of bastards out of government excuse my French

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Veronica Dunne

Veronica Dunne What a discrase that so called Goverment is i have seen it all now…..


and then we have another example of the cost of the so called “Recovery”


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This is a bill that was received by an elderly couple last week. As you can see the bill States the capped charge of €64.10 for the 3 months. However….as the couple had a meter fitted, the bill also shows the metered charge, had the cap not been in place. This cost is €416.13 for the 3 months. So, for a full year for 2 senior citizens, the bill would be…..€1664.52.
I urge everyone to share this and also print it to show anyone that thinks that the charges are “okay”.

all this as we are already paying for water through PRSI, Motor tax and VAT tax also now with USC &  property tax and again now with the imposed new Water Tax!



By Thomás oAengus O Cléirigh

Welcome to the “Recovery” of our economy in Ireland! Yes our sell out current Government are busy telling us If we want more of the same then vote them back into power and they will do the rest…………….! Thousands are living in emergency accommodation, Thousands are been fed everyday by food hand-outs and the Labour Leader is busy opening “Food banks” whilst taking 850 thousand euros in a salary and related costs  not to mention her lottery pension she will get if she does not get elected again: This is only the tip of the lottery jackpot for our political parasites who are busy feathering their own nests whilst selling our country and people into financial slavery:

Still last evening we witnessed a former corrupt minister who was convicted on corruption charges launch his election campaign and yes Gom-beens  filled the room singing his praises!

Only in IRELAND Will we ever get up off our knees?????

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