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Ireland: Here we go again ! Waiting for the bus to get back to Wicklow last week in Bray town centre I took the time to look at the various real estate windows that seem to decorate the main street in the town! Shock shock shock ……… I just could not believe the prices of housing ! We seem to be getting back up to the over hyped home prices of 2007:

The average wage packet in Ireland has shrunk to an average 25,000 Euro and not to mention the average household is now paying 4,500 euro more in New Austerity taxes! Most jobs are on fixed contract bases and there is no security of work for anybody:

The corrupt government has claimed to have created 89,000 jobs in the last 4,5 years but these are all low paying service industry non contract jobs and I can guarantee not one of these jobs were for anybody over the age of 50!  So I cannot understand who exactly is then able to buy the “homes” on offer at over 600,000 euro??? Except the well placed “Insiders” who are benefiting from exorbitant salaries ( top public servants, Bank employees and advisers to the various Government Quangos (800 or so ) in this BA-NAMA-Republic : Everybody else is just struggling from Pay day to pay day!

Still we do have these prices and somebody is able to pay these prices!Meanwhile back at the Ranch( USA) we have this situation (see article link http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2016/01/25/3-downpayment-fha-loans-surge-as-low-credit-buyers-enticed-back-into-the-housing-market/  so it wont be long before we have a full blown housing boom again here in Ireland as one of the main established political parties(FF) is pressing the central Bank to relax its deposit requirements on home purchases: Not again!


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