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Revolution coming ???



Yes a big bang is on the way!  Ireland is even worse off than we were before the current government they completely sold out all of their pre election promises and we have no hope of paying off the privatized gambling debts of the corporate gangsters and their spokespersons now running our country !Ireland’s National debt including ( Irish water, Quangos, Banks is in fact well over 327% when you take in the derivatives losses hidden in the national toxic banks): The bought and paid off corrupt politicians have sold our people out to the highest bidders and we can expect a lot more privatisations to come from everything that is not nailed down !: We must default and sue the ECB for breach of contract and criminal damage/loss of our (national pensions fund -36 billion) due to the outright fraudulent actions of their unelected officials!The corporate billion dollar companies who are here only because of our TAX avoidance scams must be called to pay their fair share of taxes: They are the biggest tax dodgers along with our very own pop group tax dodgers who take every opportunity to tell us to give to the poor in the third world :If one of these multinationals were to pay their back taxes to this state we would be in for a 19,billion euro windfall alone (see article below) 

As we now get ready for the next general election we are going to see the same gangsters call to our doors and tell us bear face lies all over again having stolen almost 4500 Euros from every home in Ireland in extra taxes and given themselves a pay rise we the smucks are been asked to vote the same shower back into their warm cushioned seats in Lester house again: Get real Ireland and please wake up and kick these chancres out! We are been forced to pay for our own enslavement!


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