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Ireland: Lying from officialdom is now firmly institutionalized and is a “Given”


Dublin :

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Yesterday Saturday 30: 01; 2016  over a thousand people turned out to demonstrate against the destruction of our National heritage  as the ” well connected Insider Developers”  again plot and plan a future where we the citizens become slaves to the new religion of corporate Ireland: They continue to believe we the citizens are to be used and abused at will and all in the name for profit ! Our politicians have long ago prostituted themselves and have lost all credit ability  we now see the auction politics get underway as they again try to brainwash   the Irish public into voting for them again on the back of a supposed ” Recovery”:

Ireland has changed yes the country is now a shadow of its former self: The  ” Recovery is only to be seen in the lottery pensions, salaries  and perks for the well connected and lackeys of the total corrupt political system! Corporate Ireland and its Front ( The Piller Toxic Banks ) are again busy about their business ripping off their customers and the sell out politicians have absolute no problem in  supporting their masters in Europe as they are wined and dined on a daily basis and with the promises of “Big payoff jobs in Europe ringing in their ears when they have finished plundering our national coffers and when they are kicked out of office !
Meanwhile workers are turfed out on to the streets without receiving their wages, helpless citizens living on the streets,evictions at record levels and taxes coming out of the woodwork at us from all directions: Lying from officialdom is now firmly institutionalized and is a “Given”
Below is a photo gallery  that reflects these observations of Ireland to day: Our country is now in the hands of pathological liars, self serving parasitic politicians and is a cesspit of corruption: Will the next crop of politicians do any better or must we again turn to open revolution ! The leaders of 1916 I have no doubt would again be in revolt  if they were here today! Ireland deserves better! We have become the “Bitch ” of Europe!

Ireland a den of Corruption!

What the banking inquiry really exposed was that there was no ‘gotcha’ moment, just a long period of bad politics, negligible regulation, and reckless trading, writes Michael Clifford

Committee chairman Labour TD Ciarán Lynch, centre, during the launch of the Banking Inquiry Report at Leinster House. Picture: Gareth Chaney/ Collins

The banking inquiry exposed the best and the worst of what public life has to offer.

There was much on which to commend the 11 members of the committee. They put in long, dogged hours to a task that offered zero electoral advantage, and the possibility of public opprobrium.

The chairman Ciarán Lynch performed his function with a steady and firm hand. Contrary to some commentary, the quality of interrogation was often of a high standard.

Ciarán Lynch

In particular, Michael McGrath and Pearse Doherty showed themselves to be consistently up to the task. At various times all the other members made contributions of a similar order.

The much tossed around notion that some hot shot senior counsel, practiced in interrogating witnesses, could have delivered a “gotcha” moment is entirely fanciful. What the inquiry really exposed was that there was no “gotcha” moment, just a prolonged period of bad politics, negligible regulation, and reckless trading.

One valid criticism of the committee is that it had too many members, which led to some repetition in questioning. The blame for that lies with the executive as the number was extended from nine to 11 when defections meant that the original complement would not have had a government majority.

Michael McGrath

It was another example of how Enda Kenny and those around him saw this exercise in terms of how it would serve the government parties rather than the public good and posterity.

What is really damning about the inquiry is that it took so long to get up and running. There is no valid excuse for having to wait eight years for yesterday’s report. Some blame attaches to the judiciary’s interference in parliamentary inquiries dating from Abbeylara in 2001.

Last December, retiring president of the High Court Nicholas Kearns warned of judges being too interventionist in areas where the boundaries of the judicial and executive function intersect. He made particular mention of inquiries.

Since Abbeylara an Oireachtas inquiry can’t make adverse findings against an individual. The electorate had a chance to reverse that decision in 2011, but chose not to. However, it is a major constraint to parliamentary inquiries.

One other sour political note was the failure of all members to sign up to the report. Joe Higgins’ defection is understandable on purely ideological grounds. Pearse Doherty’s decision to jump ship less so.

Pearse Doherty

He claims he couldn’t stand over the final report, but suspicion will linger that he was acting on party orders. With an election looming, Sinn Fin is particularly sensitive not to leave its left flank exposed, and if Doherty had remained on board, the Shinners would have fretted that Higgins’ group might accuse them of so-called establishment politics.

As for the meat of the inquiry, we learned little new but had details coloured in here and there. All of the main parties in the Dáil pursued pro-cyclical policies in the run-up to the crisis, favouring both tax cuts and spending increases. Fianna Fáil, however, as the party in power at the time, bears the greatest responsibility for that recklessness.

The watchdogs were asleep at the wheel. Both the Financial Regulator and the Central Bank could have intervened to put a stop to the reckless lending in banks.

It would have been interesting to explore what might have unfolded if either had acted. Would Bertie Ahern’s government have allowed somebody whip away the punchbowl from the party, telling everybody to go home?

The evidence from Ahern, and particularly Charlie McCreevy, was notable for the lack of awareness either possess about their respective roles in driving the ship of state onto the rocks.

Then we come to the bank directors and executives, who had hoovered up small fortunes through the years of reckless trading. In they trooped, apologies at the ready.

Many were self-serving, but former AIB chair Dermot Gleeson, and the bank’s former CEO Eugene Sheehy appeared genuine in the sense of responsibility they feel for what unfolded. That will be of little comfort to those who have borne the greatest hardship from a recession that was brought on by the banking collapse.

One issue that has not been addressed to any great extent, despite all that has happened, is repercussions for dragging a country to the brink. All of those involved, including politicians, senior public servants, and banking personnel have sailed away from the fallout with iron-clad extravagant pensions and nothing to bother them but their conscience.

There is still no real reason why a bank executive in pursuit of excessive profits should pause to consider whether he or she might be imperilling the country’s future. Despite everything, the culture remains.

The inquiry did throw a little further light on the two big bangs of the crisis — the bank guarantee and the failure to burn the bondholders.

The guarantee is still regarded in many quarters as the worst night in the State’s existence. It was a bad night, no more. The inquiry showed that the guarantee didn’t have to be as wide as it was. Yet as Patrick Honohan pointed out in evidence, there was no magic solution by 29 September, 2008.

Austerity could have been reduced “somewhat but not all that much” according to Honohan if a different course was taken. The real damage was done in the years leading up to the night in question, and particularly the preceding 12 months.

The bondholder issue is another that has loomed large in recent years. The inquiry found that had Brian Lenihan gone ahead and burned bondholders in November 2010 an agreement for the troika intervention in the country would not have been possible.

full article at source: http://www.irishexaminer.com/viewpoints/columnists/michael-clifford/banking-inquiry-eight-years-on-we-have-one-report-and-no-repercussions-378549.html



A Complete whitewash and a total cover-up “nobody responsible and the ordinary Joe soap will foot the bill as the Gangsters walk away with billions and our country is enslaved !

IRELAND : A victim of “Austerity” but really cares ? (Not the current Government)

As the well looked after ” Insiders ” and there political masters go to a warm bed to-night dreaming of another 5 years of plenty to come none of them will spare  a thought for this poor soul or the many hundreds who are sleeping on our streets in this BA-NAMA- REPUBLIC:

WE must end this shameful betrial of the ideals of our original republic as our political system is now rotten to the core and needs to be swept away!

UPDATE:David Begg must explain Role of Central Bank

A litany of corruption,Insiders club and mind boggling arrogance,incompetence and treason!

Paddy Healy's Blog

Scroll Down for Record of David Begg on Board of Central Bank Before and During the Financial Crash

Banking Inquiry Confirms that Irish Super-Rich and Entire Irish Elite Are Responsible for Greatest Crisis in the Financial History of the State-Statement by Seamus Healy TD   


The report of the Banking Inquiry and the published evidence shows that the greed of the Irish rich combined with the compliance of their elites are responsible for untold misery due to the financial crash including mass unemployment, emigration, negative equity, loss of homes and life savings. It also showed that the policies of successive governments have left Ireland with no economic sovereignty to protect our citizens.

A new left government completely excluding Fianna Fail and Fine Gael is necessary to tackle this situation. New regulations and procedures are not enough. The rich and…

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IRELAND: TO-DAY ( Recovery ??? )



Grafton Street Dublin/IRELAND. ( A few hours ago)This is an absolute disgrace. How in God’s Name did WE allow it get this far; that we have disabled sleeping on streets. Just when I thought I had seen it all….

Sylvia Mc Guinness This is shame of the fg labour traitors in government, could anyone with heart ever allow them in harm anymore of Ireland and people of Ireland. Enda Kenny, Alan Kelly, Joan Burton Noonan, Leo liar, SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU ALL, THIS IS YOUR RESP…See More

7 · 12 hrs

Maureen Chambers

Maureen Chambers When you look at all the wealth in this world how is there so much poor and hated people, Just take a look at the churches that is supposed to love all these people and yet they are sitting on billions, And as for politicians i have no words to describe them anymore.

7 · 12 hrs

Pauline Byrne

Pauline Byrne Fecking disgraceful turns my stomach to see this poor person sleeping on the streets really hope people pull together get this shower of bastards out of government excuse my French

6 · 12 hrs

Veronica Dunne

Veronica Dunne What a discrase that so called Goverment is i have seen it all now…..


and then we have another example of the cost of the so called “Recovery”


Yvonne Clarke's photo.

This is a bill that was received by an elderly couple last week. As you can see the bill States the capped charge of €64.10 for the 3 months. However….as the couple had a meter fitted, the bill also shows the metered charge, had the cap not been in place. This cost is €416.13 for the 3 months. So, for a full year for 2 senior citizens, the bill would be…..€1664.52.
I urge everyone to share this and also print it to show anyone that thinks that the charges are “okay”.

all this as we are already paying for water through PRSI, Motor tax and VAT tax also now with USC &  property tax and again now with the imposed new Water Tax!



By Thomás oAengus O Cléirigh

Welcome to the “Recovery” of our economy in Ireland! Yes our sell out current Government are busy telling us If we want more of the same then vote them back into power and they will do the rest…………….! Thousands are living in emergency accommodation, Thousands are been fed everyday by food hand-outs and the Labour Leader is busy opening “Food banks” whilst taking 850 thousand euros in a salary and related costs  not to mention her lottery pension she will get if she does not get elected again: This is only the tip of the lottery jackpot for our political parasites who are busy feathering their own nests whilst selling our country and people into financial slavery:

Still last evening we witnessed a former corrupt minister who was convicted on corruption charges launch his election campaign and yes Gom-beens  filled the room singing his praises!

Only in IRELAND Will we ever get up off our knees?????

Ireland : Today


No need to say anything else!

Lions Guarded this Little Girl From Kidnappers Until Rescuers Arrived

Still don’t believe in the human-animal connection? This story is sure to change your mind. That is, unless you believe that lions can’t tell the difference between a lion cub and a 12 year old girl.


A 12 year old girl in Ethiopia was abducted and beaten by seven men, who kidnapped her in an effort to force the little girl into marriage. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for young girls in Ethiopia to be kidnapped, raped, severely beaten, and forced into marriage. Fortunately for this young girl, three compassionate lions changed her fate.

It was reported that a group of lions chased off her captors after hearing her cries and stood guard until rescuers found her. The little girl was protected by the lions for about half a day. When rescuers arrived, the lions “left her like a gift and went back into the forest.”


Four of the seven men were convicted. As for the little girl, she was in shock and terrified by the kidnapping, but is grateful for the compassion that these animals showed her.

The little girl told the police that no harm was done to her by the lions, however some wildlife experts claim that the lions may have spared her because her crying could have sounded like the mewing of a lion cub. A game hunter claims that the lions were probably preparing to eat her, but were intercepted by the police.

What do you think?


Lions are awesome.

source: http://educateinspirechange.org/nature/lions-guarded-this-little-girl-from-kidnappers-until-rescuers-arrived/

One of the Most Unrecognized Health-Boosting Plants



THE HIGH COURT has appointed a provisional liquidator to the Xtra-vision movie rental chain.

The bulk of 580 full and part time jobs at the company are likely to be lost, Mr Justice Paul Gilligan heard.

The company’s owners, Uk based Hilco Capital petitioned the court for the appointment of Mr Michael McAteer of Grant Thornton Ireland as provisional liquidator of Xtra-Vision Entertainment Ltd, which operates more than 80 outlets in both the Republic and Northern Ireland, and related company Xtra-Vision Ireland Ltd which owns the stock.

Justice Paul Gilligan, who described the situation as unfortunate, appointed Mr McAteer after being told the movie rental firms are insolvent and unable to pay their debts.

The company cited the rapidly declining movie rental market and poor Christmas sales as reasons why it is seeking to go into liquidation.

The appointment of a provisional liquidator would aid the orderly winding up of the company, the court heard.

Edward Farrelly Bl for Xtra-Vision said the appointment of a liquidator would result in some of the jobs being saved but it was accepted the bulk of the company’s employees would have their employment terminated.

Counsel added said that any gift vouchers issues by the company will be honoured.

More to follow…


By Thomás O Cléirigh


With an extra TAX  (4500 euros on every household a year) in the state is it any wonder we are seen these companies go bust? Most households are struggling to keep up with their bills :

I cant remember the last time I rented out a movie ! With property tax, USC,water taxes and a whole pleater of stealth taxes I am not surprised! Yes More to follow!

Irish Government rip off its hard pressed motorist


Dear Sir/Madame
I represent my wife and have been instructed in relation to the above amount to tell you to shove your fine of €149.50 up your arse.
Usually we do pay the tolls but on this occasion I had forgotten as I was driving the car at the time but it ceases to amaze me how a €3 fee can turn into €149.50 in the space of 3 months. It is typical of an out of touch Irish Government who keep trying to fleece the ordinary man for every single penny that he is worth.
Just so as you know I am aware that the M50 had paid for itself by 2007 but in what is another tax you decided to increase the toll and keep charging the hard pressed motorist and milk him for all he is worth. Little does it matter to you that I pay €1300 a year on “road” tax and also €6500 per year in diesel costs to run our two cars which are essential as the public transport system is so crap.
And by the way of the €6,500 that we pay in diesel, €3,900 of that goes to you anyway in excise duty. So that is a total of €5,200 annually that we give you for the pleasure of travelling to work in this rip off country and that doesn’t even include insurance or maintenance costs.
So on reflection I think that the government is making enough money out of us without me allowing you to get up and ride us bareback altogether.
So I say this to Pierce and Fitzgibbon solicitors in Listowel, Co. Kerry (who are probably on a nice little percentage for trying to scare the bejaysus out of people) that I will most categorically not be paying any fine to you or any of your cronies and I would do the jail first. It is families like us that are trying to keep this country afloat and we most certainly don’t appreciate some faceless dickhead in an office in the back end of Kerry threatening me or my wife with “Court Summons” or that “a judgement will be registered against me that could affect my credit rating”. If ye put as much effort into jailing Seanie Fitz, Bertie, Fingers and the rest of gobshites that have this country where it is today then I think that would be more appropriate.
Yours faithfully

source: https://www.facebook.com/GardaCheckpointsIreland/photos/a.336325073229780.1073741830.240874409441514/416761988519421/?type=3&fref=nf

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