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Bank of Ireland has again shown its toxic side as it now openly wants to prevent its customers from withdrawing their own cash: Yep! These toxic gangsters are at it again freshly bailed out by the Irish Public and just a few years of penal charges on each customer’s account isn’t enough they now want to restrict cash withdraws  in the system so they can control deposits ! This toxic den of corruption has destroyed the financial health of Ireland : The other zombie bank Allied Irish Bank is waiting in the wings to see how far Bank of Ireland gets before it too will join the blatant robbery of Irelands hard pressed gullible citizens: These two toxic Banks were bailed out by the Irish Tax payers but you wouldn’t know it as they have systematically and brutally evicted hundreds perhaps thousands of homeowners from their homes in the last 3 years alone!  Thousands  of homeowners are before the corrupt courts fighting these crooks trying to keep their homes : Q If these Banks were bailed out why are they still looking to get paid again for the same people whose taxes bailed them out?? Something stinks ! We the people of Ireland are again been screwed and by the same Bankers and their puppets in the Dáil :

see an article from Zerohedg here: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-05/bank-ireland-bans-small-cash-withdrawals-branches

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