What is truth?

As Yemen faces a major humanitarian crisis, violent clashes between pro-government fighters and Houthi rebels continue. Latest among the fighting was Yemen regaining control of Perim Island, known as Mayun in Arabic, from the Houthis, considered strategic for oil transportation through the 20-kilometer wide Bab-el-Mandeb strait which links Saudi Arabia to the Red Sea, to the Gulf of Aden. And less than two weeks ago air strikes hit the city of Taiz, killing 131 people who were attending a wedding. According to UN officials the Saudi-led coalition is responsible for the majority of civilian deaths in Yemen, amounting to over 2,300 people in the last six months. Despite military and diplomatic support for the coalition from the United States, White House officials are shirking responsibility for the death toll. White House spokesperson Ned Price said the United States has no role in targeting decisions made by the coalition in Yemen.

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