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Hello Machholz,

My brother John Kelly was murdered on 16th of October 2008 and his death was never investigated, we are left devastated without any answers or closure. My Family had to investigate John’s death because we were being ignored by the Garda. We hired a Private investigator to assist with investigations, and we have un-covered vital information to lead to finding out who took my brothers life. We handed this vital information onto the Garda who choose not to follow it up!

We contacted the TV station in Ireland called Prime time they did a documentary about John’s death in 2009 just a few months after John’s death. Since then we have discovered shocking evidence that highlights this case even more.

We have written to the Minster for Justice who has said our case is being reviewed by independent panel of judges. Sadly my family is not alone in our quest for Justice , there are 321 other cases of murder, corruption and cover-ups by Garda and no  investigation.

Here’s the link for prime time that aired 4 months after John’s passing.

We managed to get Prime Time to do another documentary on the Independent review Mechanism the minister set up. Its been a year now and a lot of people are awaiting a response from the minister for Justice about our cases, we are one of the families left waiting. Please click on the link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYTTpI1Kc-8

Email campaign http://www.contact.ie/email-campaigns/demand-investigation-death-john-kelly

I share your absolute rage with what’s going on in our beautiful country.  Ireland’s Government from the top to the bottom is riddled with corruption and this has got to end!

We want to lay our brother to rest, get closure and grieve for the loss of him.
Can you help share our story please?
Kind regards

Emma Kelly

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