What is truth?

Declare as a Freeman / Freewoman / Human Being.

Introducing the Celtic Pagan Photo ID Card. A custom printed plastic photo id card valid for 3 years, giving a unique membership number for each member where each member can identify and declare as a freeman / woman / human being.

Each member is a sovereign, a free person that will not be ruled or enslaved, being self-reliant, self-sufficient, independent person of any sexual orientation or preference, of any race that is self-directed, self-disciplined and self-governed. A freeman / freewoman / human being believes that our rights come not from man-made governments but from Nature as Supreme Being and that all are responsible and accountable for our own actions.

Expected annual membership subscription is a minimum of €10, but for €50 you get three year’s membership subscription and a photo ID card with your freeman / woman / human being name and your own address as a Sovereign in the country you reside in. These Celtic Pagan ID cards are available to Celtic Pagans worldwide.


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