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Dear Machholz,

Sorry for writing to you three times in as many days. But the budget has completely failed to deliver on stemming the rise of homelessness and we need your help again.

There are some positive things in the budget. There is funding for some new housing – but that will take years to come on stream. There is a much needed 17million Euro increase in the money for homeless services – but all of that will be paid to hotel owners or to provide modular emergency housing.

The crucial thing is that there is nothing at all to slow down the shocking number of families becoming homeless. There are now four times as many homeless families – 740 familes – as there were two years ago on budget day. That’s over 1,500 children facing Christmas without a home. There is nothing in the budget to stop that number doubling again in a year.

With political will it’s not too late for many of the things we are looking for – rent certainty, adequate rent supplement and measur e to stop tenants losing their homes when their landlord gets into difficulties – from being added to the budget announcements even now.

We hear that some of these things were planned right up until last night before last minute political infighting led them to be dropped. We need them put back on the table.

What we need is a very clear message from voters that this is important. That is why we are asking you to come to our assistance again. This time an e-mail directed just to Government TDS and Senators. In the next few weeks they will come looking for your vote – tell them what you are looking for now.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Allen

Director of Advocacy

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