What is truth?


A specific moment from the biopic film, The Doors – starring Val Kilmer – took up residence in my subconscious years ago. In actuality, it’s two lines of slurred dialogue that randomly and subtly float into my thoughts as if they are propelled by hot air into the atmosphere. The scene depicts an inebriated Jim Morrison taunting an audience of unsuspecting concert-goers from a stage in Miami, Florida in 1969. With the sincerity that only a vainglorious sot could conjure, Morrison towers and growls over the crowd of mostly teenagers and bellows out: “Adolf Hitler is alive and well and living in Miami! I f***ed her last night,” and with the following alcohol-fueled breath he concluded the thought: “You’d all eat sh*t, wouldn’t you?”

Because the plebeians choose to eternally dine at the media’s trough of propaganda, the ramblings of a bloated drunkard are all that make sense after the frustration takes hold. People will believe anything. One man’s lies are another man’s facts.


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