What is truth?

The Ministers of the Irish Government had a great nights sleep knowing that they are the highest paid puppets in the world! These people deliberately lied to the people of Ireland and sold us out into the hands of gambling bankers, tax dodging Billionaires and corporations who have blood drench boards who’s doctrine of GREED is destroying the entire world!  Take a good look at this picture ,If you are a  Government TD in the Irish Dáil ,you are responsible for this poor man,s death ! You have blood on you hands !

You have failed to take care of the weakest and poorest amongst us,you have given away billions of euro to billionaires,and tax dodging corporations! You have stuffed you own pockets with lottery pensions and cut the merger crumbs that fall from your table of plenty for the rest of us

see also: http://focus.revolutionaries.ie/takeaction/this-budget-must-make-a-difference-to-homelessness/


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