What is truth?

And here is a “Uniformed Thug”  in action again arresting a young girl groping her all the way to the van as she was crying and begging the ban garda behind to take her to the van instead of him. (Look at the body language of the ban garda. She is cringing and subconsciously protecting her own bodily integrity)


Whilst the country is been robbed of billions in shady deals done in back rooms and the stench of political corruption is nauseating,political policing is reaching epidemic proportions : Ordinary citizens are been kidnap of the streets in broad daylight by uniformed thugs using trump up laws! The extent of the billionaire/Banker dictatorship is  apparent for all to see!

Our country is nothing more than a prize for the venture capitalists to feast on with the willing collaborators of the insider club and aspiring wannabees in this toxic BA-NAMA -REPUBLIC

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