What is truth?

Today in Ireland the Irish police force has all but in name become the private army of a billionaire who now has bought the right from the corrupt government to effectively privatize the countries water supply! But the people of Ireland have had enough and are making a stand against this robbery of our fundamental right to water: We are paying already for water in general taxation 3 times already in 3 different taxes and now this use of our national police to enforce a policy born in deals made in some backrooms and is steeped in corruption: The police have alienated themselves from the citizens their ultimate employers! This police force have lost their support from the ordinary citizen as they have sided with the corrupt politicians who have NO Mandate to place this extra tax on our nation on behalf of corrupt bankers and billionaire TAX evaders ! The scenes in this video could be from any small estate in Ireland as hundreds of thousands have come out on to the streets to demonstrate against this latest attempt to squeeze more money from the oppressed masses to pay interest on the bailout of toxic bankers and private gambling debts of billionaires !
We will not pay for our own enslavement and we will not comply quietly!

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