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Ireland of To-day 11 sept 2015

Waterford today.Well said and something that constantly needs to be repeated and emphasized..what kind of a country have we become when ordinary people standing up for what they believe in is right are constantly arrested and penalized when the gangster bankers,politicians and elite puppets that have turned this country into a cesspit of corruption and cronyism along with a blatant misuse of OUR police force get away scot free.

These protests are happening in thousands of estates all over Ireland every day ! They have been peaceful and dignified yet the protesters have been vilified and prosecuted  and arrested in many cases by the police force of Ireland this Gardaí force has abandoned the communities and have sold out to become thugs in Uniform for the billionaire gangsters who now run Ireland as their personal fiefdom !  The people of Ireland will not go quietly into slavery and become a commodity to be bought and sold like our social services,our community and health services, our national assets and our roads ! We are taxed to the hilt and every day we learn of another revenue collecting public service that is now a private company and the hard pressed citizens now are expected to cough up even more for the same service! With all of these services now been privatized where will the government get the revenues to run the country in the future ??? Answer MORE TAXES of course!!!

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