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Sent in to us today

Dear Machholz

Martin Callinan and the kieran Boylan case must be opened up again and investigated

Garda Hq leaked this in the last day:

Some of the important documents that sacked Martin Callinan
got shredded was the kieran Boylan file which was huge and
which he, Comm. Derek Byrne and John O Mahony hid from GSOC.
It would have opened up a the biggest can of worms should
the whole file which it was said to be 3 black sacks in
size, had been revealed.

NBCI was running Drug dealer Kieran Boyle headed by Superintendent Dominic Hayes.

“A file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions, who directed that nobody should face prosecution”
Liz Howlin, head of prosecution at the time colluded with corrupt senior gardai above in
not prosecuting Kieran Boylan or the senior gardai involved in his case.


Boylan has so much on Martin Callinan and the other senior gardai named above
that they would all be sacked should this information get out and Labour/FG and the DPP s/AG s office all know this.

“the GSOC report again describes the toxic and unacceptable attitude towards
accountability and transparency at the very heart of our public life. ”


DPP, Senior gardai and government cover up







Liz Howlin colluded in the corruption and collusion with
senior gardai and kieran Boylan.







It is well known by senior ranks in Garda HQ that Martin Callinan would
not retire until the Kieran Boylan investigation was finished by GSOC.
This is why he hid documents,reports and information which he had in
his possession from them as he knew he would be found out how corrupt
they all really are.


It was all covered up by Liz Howlin in the DPP s office

“Gardai concluded their own inquiries into the case and decided that
no prosecutions or disciplinary action should take place”.

GNDU found the drugs, but NBCI ran boylan as an informer
and got him off on the drug charges.



Martin Callinan ran NBCI, known as the Tango squad then and
Crime and security at the time the Kieran Boylan case was happening and
signed off on all money etc received by Kieran Boylan.




Martin Callinan ordered the bugging of GSOC and Derek Byrne went along with it.







Martin Callinan secretary who covered up all Martin Callinan collusion, corruption and intimidation was promoted
Inspector Louise Sinnot.

This case and sacked Martin Callinan must be investigate, Martin Callinan destroyed many files and statements
in his career he was well known for telling other gardai to get rid of statements.
Just like he wanted to get rid of the documents the whistle blowers had and the documents/reports on Ian Bailey
and many more case.


Martin Callinan must be exposed and so does other senior corrupt gardai for their part in corruption, fraud, and collusion in the Gardai.

A retired member


A copy of this letter will be sent to the Minister of Justice and we will be looking for a commitment to investigate these allegations : We will keep the rest of Ireland and the world posted as to the response we get !

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  1. The entire legal arrangement are a mob behind closed doors with the gardai in support ..get real stop the lies and cover ups

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