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Well, history was made today.. but it wasn’t all good. The case against Garda Sgt Hanley was thrown out on a technicality, and ‘papers’ were ‘served’ on Colm late last night purporting to be a High Court Order preventing the hearing vs Registrar Fintan Murphy going ahead.. This sets a very dangerous precedent – when a valid prosecution can be stopped even before it has begun (the first time in the history of the State) – and where legitimate summonses are completely ignored by the accused! (Apparently – those rules only apply to us!) There were so many barefaced breaches of the law and Court rules today as to beggar belief! The whole set-up was so obviously contrived that the judge was openly jeered at and ridiculed by the public for the best part of an hour. We (the public present) nominated our own judge, who duly took her seat on the bench and continued with business.

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