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Right to water in Ireland

Just back from the water protest demonstration on Dublin: The rain cane down on us but the numbers kept growing and people’s spirits was high! The message was the same as it was in the last three large demonstrations We won’t pay again for water! But I noticed that the mood has changed it not just about water anymore now people want real change and a much more inclusive society we want our country back from the billionaire dictatorship and the puppets who are doing the dirty work on behalf of the hidden Troika! We do not want to see our friends and neighbours thrown out into the streets and evicted from their homes by corrupt bankers, we do not accept that the sick and dying must lose their dignity in some corridor in a rundown hospital ,we will not accept that there is no funds for schools, community services when politicians can expect the get lottery pensions and perks: Billions of tax discounts appear to be available to corporate insiders   but the low paid workers cannot live on the pittance they get for a hard day’s work! Our natural resources are been sold off the well placed insiders! We must now accept we will no longer comply with the demands of crooks in Government or Europe! The Irish people will no longer comply!

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