What is truth?

Today’s unlawful arrest to a protester who is also a resident of the area, Garda Brutality at it again.

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Garda knew they were in the wrong after the video and had a chat all together the Gardai and the Detectives including Detective from Dundrum Garda Station Kevin Clarke were going to attempt and take my phone as they were all walking towards me as because I had this video, but I knew what they were up to and cycled off. Detective car and squad car went after me when I left.

This happened in Llewellyn estate in Ballinteer, South Dublin.



By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Here we have again the makeup law as you go along by the Gardaí against a peaceful protestor! We must note all of these blatant attacks on the constitutional rights of our citizens and bring these thugs to Justice after a new people’s government has been elected: These Thugs in uniform must be rooted out of the force and replaced with citizens who want to uphold the constitution and not the whimsical whims of corrupt billionaires and their puppets: All such criminal acts of the Gardaí must be brought before a court of Law and the perpetrators must be removed from the Garda force !

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