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Ireland of To-day Where Money created out of nothing can disguard people like trash all in the name of the economics of Greed! We do not have to support this abuse of our people: Be part of the real change and fight this scam called corporate democracy based on debt and death! A report to day showing a  pregnant and homeless woman dumped on to the streets of Waterford: See report……….…………

Pregnant women sleeping on streets of Waterford. Why has no one in authority helped her ? Why is she not entitled to help?

Siobhán Hughes's photo.
Siobhán Hughes's photo.

This poor woman is 5 months pregnant and homeless . I came across her today and she told me her story. She was in waterford city square with all her belongings in 2 trolleys with notices stuck to them . One denying emergency accommodation and the other telling her to move her stuff from the area or it will be destroyed ! Move it fucking where!! She’s sleeping in a tent with a baby on the way which will be taken from her when it’s born because she’s homeless !! The council are offering no help no dole ! Nothing !! They can give two thirds of our fucking motor tax to a private fucking company like Irish water but can’t give her a roof over her head !!! Two of her children were taken from her when she became homeless in the uk and put through forced adoption . She came here with her partner who’s from here to improve her life !! Look what way our country has treated her !!! Pay your fucking taxes for what !!!! This could be u one day so please share this far and wide , iv emailed wlr fm and I’m going to the papers as well . It takes an hour of my time , it will take u 2 seconds to share this ! We need action fast for this woman so she can have a healthy pregnancy !!! This is extremely dangerous for her and the baby !! Plaster Facebook with this and it won’t be long until the council are forced to act !!

Comment:By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

The Bankers who destroyed this country and the corrupt politicians who help them and sold our entire nation into corporate dictatorship are living in their palaces bought and paid for by the taxes of the Irish people are nowhere to be seen> Probable they are all off in the sun drenched beaches whilst this woman and thousands like her are left roaming the streets of this debt slave nation of the corporate gangsters !WE must fight and take back our country from this parasitic culture of I’m alright Jack and screw the rest of you !


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  1. Corporate dictatorship is a term i used over five years ago , i was put down as a “head the ball” belive me it will get worse if we dont do something about it now. Let’s start with everybody who can stand being in DUBLIN DEMO NEXT SATURDAY AT 2PM.If you think you are to small to matter try sleeping with a mosqueto.Be there we can have a new Ierland RULED BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE.

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