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You are gonna love this guys responce..
Dear Sir/Madame

I represent my wife and have been instructed in relation to the above amount to tell you to shove your fine of €149.50 up your arse.
Usually we do pay the tolls but on this occasion I had forgotten as I was driving the car at the time but it ceases to amaze me how a €3 fee can turn into €149.50 in the space of 3 months. It is typical of an out of touch Irish Government who keep trying to fleece the ordinary man for every single penny that he is worth.

Just so as you know I am aware that the M50 had paid for itself by 2007 but in what is another tax you decided to increase the toll and keep charging the hard pressed motorist and milk him for all he is worth. Little does it matter to you that I pay €1300 a year on “road” tax and also €6500 per year in diesel costs to run our two cars which are essential as the public transport system is so crap.

And by the way of the €6,500 that we pay in diesel, €3,900 of that goes to you anyway in excise duty. So that is a total of €5,200 annually that we give you for the pleasure of travelling to work in this rip off country and that doesn’t even include insurance or maintenance costs.

So on reflection I think that the government is making enough money out of us without me allowing you to get up and ride us bareback altogether.

So I say this to Pierce and Fitzgibbon solicitors in Listowel, Co. Kerry (who are probably on a nice little percentage for trying to scare the bejaysus out of people) that I will most categorically not be paying any fine to you or any of your cronies and I would do the jail first. It is families like us that are trying to keep this country afloat and we most certainly don’t appreciate some faceless dickhead in an office in the back end of Kerry threatening me or my wife with “Court Summons” or that “a judgement will be registered against me that could affect my credit rating”. If ye put as much effort into jailing Seanie Fitz, Bertie, Fingers and the rest of gobshites that have this country where it is today then I think that would be more appropriate.

Yours faithfully

Paul Brennan
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