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To those who are attacking ‘migrants’ online. Look at this man arriving in Kos this week, fleeing war in Syria, surviving a deadly crossing on a flimsy rubber boat, cradling his children. And rethink.

Is this the face of a man who is delighted to have reached Europe with his family so he can enjoy some benefits? Or is this the face of a Syrian refugee who clutches his children as he is overwhelmed with emotion as he realises that he has finally managed to escape with his family from the hell in Syria….

“We must share what we have or we are not who we claim ourselves to be” Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

source: Europe says OXI

Europe says OXI's photo.

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  1. Reblogged this on Awaken Longford and commented:
    The financial and humanitarian cost of these refugee crisis’s has to laid at the door of the nation responsible -the USA, why is nobody pointing to the culprit!

  2. Yes well written piece and very emotive photograph….no photos of callai? But how many can greece take, how many can Italy take or Ireland illegally transport from Libya to Sicily?

    Im sure that man would rather be amongst his own people in his own land but ISIS, islam and the usa/ israeli policy in the middle east have forced him to flee.

    Are those in Callais of the same ilk? No no no, they have already reached safe harbour in Italy or France but not content there they head for benefits central….the UK.

    If this humanitarian disaster continues our own people will be displaced to cheap desperate for work migrants and that will eventually bring europe into 2nd or even 3rd world…race to the bottom.

    The solution is not migration or emigration, the solution is peace, where there is just peace and rule of law there follows prosperity.

    So as the old sayings go..help those to help themselves, give peace a chance.

    Great blog by the way, thanks for your nobel work.



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