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Ελευθερια Γεωργιος Ψυχογιου's photo.
This young woman was tortured, raped and her body was thrown naked in the street. This heinous crime is not the work of ISIS but of the Turkish Police! This woman was a member of the pkk and fought against isis! It is with great sorrow we the ordinary peoples of the world take note of the evil Turkey is responsible for and the murder of this wonderful lady ,Her example sets the stage for us all to follow ! She is a ture hero! RIP

We will of course not be hearing anything on the news channels or on our own TV sets about his hideous crime or about other crimes been carried out by Allies of America! Murder is murder and evil has no place in a civilized society: But a corrupt toxic society based on created money by the touch of a button is another matter! Power crazed monsters come in all shapes and most of them sit at the heads of governments around the world!
Our world is a little darker tonight!

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  1. Desperate,
    and to think that some countries want Turkey in the EU….shame shame shame on them. Ask the Armenians their opinion.

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