What is truth?

Israel tried to stop you from seeing this video. That’s why it wasn’t aired on official networks.

These crimes are been hidden from you!

You know now so what are going to do about it ? Innocent civilians were murdered by these aerial bombings from the State of Israel: Intentional murder of a minority population is genocide: Israel is guilty of Genocide! Murder is murder no matter who is committing it ! Before anyone starts to claim I am some sort of anti jewish,fascist nut ,I have Jewish family members and I do not believe all jews want to be part of this mass murder!

“all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

It is so sad to see the Jewish state become the monster it has become I cant honestly see any difference between the actions of Nazi Germany and the actions of the state of Israel on the people of Palestine!

What you are seeing here, has to be war crimes!

This is so wrong!

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