What is truth?

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


This could be any housing estate in any town in Ireland today, video below! I have been out with countless homeowners all over the country and there is NO sign of them giving up on what they see as an attempt to steal their right to clean water especially after they have paid for it at least three times and more already through their VAT tax, Universal Social Charge tax, property tax, their Car Tax ( which was revealed 66% of this tax goes to the funding of Irish Water )Not to forget we are still paying 1:42Euro per litre for petrol when the price of OIL has dropped by 60 % in the last few months we have only see a 10% drop in price !

The price at the pumps should be about 70 cent per litre! We are been squeezed for all they can get to pay the gambling debts of corrupt bondholders and bankers: meanwhile the country is been prostituted and our community services are been dismantled and sold off to the highest paying carpetbagger:

A certain man from Malta seems to be flavour of the month for our treacherous government who have become the enforcers of the troika dictates! The latest privatization victim is the national lottery oh if you are getting your car licence renewed you will be paying a private English company as well for the privilege: Tell me why do we call ourselves an Irish republic? We are now debt slaves and we are not independent:   Arise Ireland!

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