What is truth?

By Derek James Byrne


First of all i am currently unable to post for three days because i posted Enda Kennys “PUBLIC PHONE NUMBER” and got blocked by facebook.
Luckily hindsight and previous blocks gave me the intelligence to have a back up account so i could continue to post to my pages.

Amazingly Jobstown is back in the news and we are told of 20 imminent arrests and court appearances just as the focus of the country is placed on the homeless crisis.
How low will a government go just to hide their bad news ? Well this is the fascist Fine Gael and sellout Labour party we are talking about. So they can go lower.
20 citizens to be criminalized and dragged through the court system all because this Government runs a policy of ” If you can`t beat them, Jail them ” policy
Look at the resources put into all this. The Garda man hours used to investigate this nothing story. This isn`t just one or two gardai. this is numerous Gardai with it`s own incident room. Yet we have a massive problem with rising crime and they are diverted from their duties by Noreen O`Sullivan at the request of our politicians.
So much for an independent police force ! The Government propaganda is flying. You would swear that Joan “The Moan” Burton was taken hostage by a terrorist organisation.
No the truth of the matter people sat down in front of her car and blocked it`s path. The Labour party carried out a similar protest a few years back on the runaway of Shannon airport. Where was the same investigation and trial by media ?
There wasn`t because it like this protest was a nothing story , what we have is a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT using this story to deflect from it`s failures.
Families being thrown from their homes by the banks we bailed out and forced to seek shelter in our public parks. They say we have a homeless crisis when in fact we have thousands of empty houses and apartments all across Ireland. They didn`t go away you know, they weren`t filled up and occupied by people. They were left idle so people could distort prices and the market. Just so some people could make a quick buck. Fuck the people was the motto once more.
Thousands of young children being brought up living in hotels and hostels. Those unlucky to be sent to hostels are living among drug addicts openly taking drugs.
This is not the place for these kids to be brought up. There is as there always is another way , the problem is it lacks political will.
While the friends and families of these politicians are getting rich from the shady deals we will continue to suffer.
You may not be in the same boat as some of these familes but just remember you are only one bill away from joining them. No one bar the politicians , their friends and family members are immune from all this.
It is time we woke up and changed the whole system and that won`t be done while people continue to vote Fine Gael, Labour, Fianna Fail or the Greens.
Yet again the Irish Government have landed themselves another PR disaster. What do they hope will be achieved by dragging these 20 people to court ?
Do they think the people of this country will turn on these 20 citizens ?
Not a chance in hell and you can bet your bottom dollar there will be hundreds if not thousands at the court houses to support them. If anyone is jailed we will take to the streets in our thousands and ensure the peoples voices are heard.
Shame on this Government for once again using ordinary citizens to deflect away from their failings. It is time Fine Gael and Labour stood down. They betrayed the people of this country. It is obvious they have no real plans and no real answers to the problems this country and it`s people face. Like all previous Governments they are just waiting and hoping things get better.
Well it won`t as you failed to tackle the bondholders, you failed to tackle the EU, You failed to tackle the Troika, You failed to tackle the IMF, You failed to tackle the bankers.
August 29th we will again take to the streets in our thousands and you will hear us roar

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