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This week, a young family with three children under the age of five, were found sleeping rough in sleeping bags in the centre of Dublin.

Homelessness in Ireland is spiraling out of control. Enough is enough. Although the government’s finally coming under pressure to do something, they haven’t yet. But together, we can help change that.

The Irish Times is read, cover to cover, by every politician in the country. An open letter in its pages, signed by thousands, would make them sit up and take notice. Let’s submit the largest open letter The Irish Times has ever seen, calling on the government to act immediately to put an end to our housing scandal.

The Uplift office team will submit the open letter in 48 hours. Can you add your name now?

This year we’ve seen heartbreaking story after heartbreaking story; pregnant women sleeping on the streets, families with children sleeping in cars, rents rapidly rising and mortgages not an option for many. If enough of us sign the letter, we’ll let our politicians know that the Uplift community won’t stand by and watch while families are forced to sleep on our streets.

But for our voices to be heard and for politicians to sit up and take notice, we need as many people to sign this letter as possible. All you need to do is, click on the link, fill in the details with your name and the Uplift office team will submit the letter in 48 hours.

The issue of homelessness is one that isn’t going away and our open letter is just a first step. There are many other things we can do together, but for now, let’s send every politician a message they won’t miss: one of the biggest open letters in The Irish Times’ history.

Click the link below to add your name to this open letter:

More power to you,

Anne Marie and the Uplift team

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